Bikes 4 Essential Workers What FB4K MN did during the pandemic

The Concept

We've seen the impact a bike has on the kids who are our recipients. During the Stay at Home order in Minnesota, we fixed our gaze on the essential workers who were hard at work taking care of us in the grocery stores, health care, and the supply chain. We recognized the people who were making sure we had food and were at the ready to tend to us as we became sick had financial concerns and general unease regarding public transportation, physical health, and mental health. We realized we could help them by doing what we do best. We gave them bikes.

The Partnership: Free Bikes 4 Kidz MN, Allina Health, QBP, Slow Roll MSP, Kryptonite

The Details

In late April, FB4K MN partnered with Allina Health, QBP, Slow Roll MSP, and Kryptonite to give away 240 bikes, lights, locks, and helmets to essential workers primarily in North Minneapolis, Midtown Minneapolis, and East St. Paul. Distributions were managed through Northpoint Wellness Center and UROC in N. Mpls, Cultural Wellness Center in Midtown, and Sanneh Foundation in E. St. Paul.

With bike sales at a record high, it's important that we continue to work toward equity. As bikes sales continue to surge, we will see families who can't afford them struggle to participate in an activity proven to bolster physical and mental health.

We Gave Away 240 Bikes to Essential Workers. Let's Do More!

Now What?

Having been on all 4 local news stations highlighting the work we did, FB4K MN has been flooded with people who want to support us with bike donations as well as hundreds of requests for bikes. We have a wonderful space thanks to Brooklyn Center where we can accept donations by appointment. We will be actively asking for donations beginning in June.

How Will it Work?

We are working hard on safe protocols that will ensure the safety of our team, our volunteers, the recipients, and the community. We expect to finalize our strategy and start more concentrated efforts in June so that we can get the bikes out quickly.

Once the bike leaves, it doesn't come back. We know who will get the bike when it leaves the warehouse to be cleaned and repaired.

How Can You Help?

Once we have some bikes being worked on in early June, we will be ready to ask for bikes. When that time comes, we will share out links to sign up to donate bikes, and request bikes for essential workers or kids.

Occasionally, we will need help moving bikes around. It's very important that we keep vigilant with our safety measures, but we will accept help from less than 10 masked and gloved people at certain points. I am hopeful that we will have a good and consistent cadence to this work to help keep order that people can plan for.

Created By
Tia Martinson