Tesla Gives the California Power Grid a Battery Boost By: DIANE CARDWELL

Summary of Article: Tesla, a company everyone now talks about for many different reasons, just completed thier next desired goal. Tesla has created batteries to suck up excess energy, store it, and put it back into the power grid when needed. Tesla is capable of doing this process by implementing 396 refrigerator-size stacks of Tesla batteries just off a freeway in southern California. This installation can power, roughly, fifteen thousand homes over four hours. The project officially will start this Monday (January 30th). It is in part of an emergency response: there is an energy shortage due to a leak in a natural gas storage facility in California. Tesla is proving how utilities with a large number of batteries can take place for a large, conventional power plant. Tesla is also showing to the world how it is not just a luxury carmaker, rather, a creative, entrepreneurial clean energy company. Tesla has won many contracts to develop and place these batteries for a handful of American states and countries overseas.

California is shutting down nuclear power plants (San Onofre nuclear plant in 2013).

Southern California Edison's Mira Loma substation now has these batteries implemented. They were manufactured, shipped, and installed all under three months (assembled in Tesla's Gigafactory outside Sparks, California). California has extensively invested in renewable solar energy, therefore, they have an abundance of energy during midafternoon hours of the day (when there is the most direct sunlight). However, the supply of sunlight rapidly drops during the dark hours of the night (that is also when people come home from work and need electricity). Simultaneously, power plants in the state (California) are closing down, such as the San Onofre (California) nuclear plant in 2013, and that increased the pressure on utilities to find new ways to put electricity, stored or not, back into the grid. Solar panels and conventional power plants have not filled the void in the amount of electricity people need, when they need it. This is how Tesla's batteries will help.

California has heavily invested in Solar power, however Solar power is not good at night time when people use the most energy as they come home from work.

Battery storage is extremely expensive at first with initial construction costs, however, it is comparable to natural gas plants know as peakers. It is important to realize California is constrained by its geographic location and its strict environmental regulations in building new power plants. In addition, the price of land and air quality requirements strictly inhibit the numbers of hours plants can operate. Therefore, new natural gas plants are also extremely expensive to build, so batteries are much more flexible and do not require the infrastructure that conventional generators need: water and fuel supply. batteries and plants come out to be almost the same price. Batteries are loophole to the long environmental reviews and regulations permitting the process. Batteries are varying power supply options, enhancing reliability, and moving people away from fossil fuels in order to meet climate and other environmental goals for a comparable price to other power plants.

Tesla is not just a car company, rather, a clean energy company.

Analysis of The Article: The article is noteworthy for in class we have been learning about current energy resources. This is important topic for us because people and companies right now, such as Tesla, are trying to figure out ways to have cleaner, more effective, and more efficient energy. I think what Tesla is doing is important because in our current world electricity is of the most importance to our society; whether we need it to power our lights, heat our ovens, or charge or Tesla's. Fossil fuels our extremely bad for our environment and renewable enrgy is not as efficient (solar does not work well at night with no sunlight available). Tesla's batteries will be able to store the energy produced by the extensive amount of energy the solar panels produce in California, as the state recently purchased a lot of them. There are more steps to be taken however. One step California, the United States, and every other country should do is buy and implement more of these batteries. They are expensive yes, but they are in the long run better for the environment and much more effective and efficient. They also in some states such as California cost around the same price as building new power plants. Clean energy is just one of the things needed in the stage in of our world today and especially for the future of the world. It is a great thing some places have agreed to doing this already, just not enough places, yet. These batteries will make a difference, a change, a better world for everyone the more we implement them!

The car is Tesla's most profitable invention.

Another noteworthy point of Tesla's batteries is they are expanding; Tesla has won many contracts international and national to build and place these batteries. Other places that have given Tesla these contracts have realized that these are not much more expensive than building and maintaining nuclear power plants and fossil fuels plants. These batteries have an expensive initial cost, however, they are very reliable, flexible, and more efficient. They take excess energy from the grid, store it, and put it back in the grid when it is needed. California had a big initiative to put solar panels in for energy, but night time is when people use the most electricity because that's when people come home from work. These batteries will take the excess power generated by the solar panels in the day and put the power back into the grid for people to use at night.

Elon Musk (above), the founder of Tesla.

My Big Take Away: My big take away of this article to me was how places, especially like California, have been shutting down nuclear power plants to replace them with cleaner energy utilities such as Tesla's batteries. I think this is good for our planet. I do not know yet if shutting these plants down is bad, for they bring a lot of electricity with minimal risks, but what I do know is that it is better for the environment using these batteries. there will be no more thermal pollution. We can now use batteries, made by Tesla, to keep excess electricity made by renewable resources and put it back into the grid when needed. This invention is needed in our environment for if we keep using ways to make electricity that are harmful to our environment then we will eventually destroy our environment. We now, through Tesla's work, we can now save our environment. These batteries eliminate all of the bad effects produced by energy plants. It is a big takeaway to realize more countries need to implement these and help save our environment.

Space X is Elon Musk's other company he is trying to expand.

Why I initially chose this article was because in class we have recently learned about ways we generate electricity. Well these batteries are a new way. I thought it would be fascinating to compare and contrast the differences in the effects on our environment on generating electricity the way we do now and after implementing these batteries. What I hoped to learn from the article was almost exactly what I did learn. How these batteries will change the game in our generation of electricity. They are cleaner, more flexible, more effective, and efficient. They work by taking excess energy when there is available and put it back when there is not enough energy in the grid. What more I had wished to learn from the article is if these batteries are implemented how much cleaner will our environment be after they are initially used and how much excess electricity they take during the day (store) and how much electricity they put back into the grid at night. However, overall, I thought the article was A really great and a fascinating, informative article!

Tesla as a company is working on making this cleaner: Earth


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