Growth Project Jolie Bishop

Design Challenge

Our design challenge and goal was to create a perfect print of an endangered species using texture, pattern, proportion, balance, and emphasis, and observational drawing which could have been an animal, insect, or plant. Our parameters were to 1) save and use resource photos 2) choose an animal, insect, or plant that's endangered 3) the lines must extend over 3-4 sides 4) there must be overlapping shapes 5) there must be a variety of line work 6) and lastly the background must be filled with one texture.

Planning and Sketches

My first couple of ideas were a bactrian camel, dhole, fishing cat, markhor, pygmy hippo, and a sea otter. All of these ideas had different complications which would make the animal look abnormal. For example- the fishing cat's eyes are too close together. So when I would draw it out it would look weird and people would think it was a bad tiger. I drew out my grizzly bear and it looked great until I tried to carve.

Progress and In-Progress Work

My sketch looked great. But when we got the tiny little print I knew this wasn't going to work out and I would have to make adjustments. The bear didn't look right at all and there wasn't enough detail that I could fit into the tiny lino-cut. I decided to change how the face looked so it'd be easier to cut out. It didn't look as good but I could fit it into the face. I never actually got the "perfect" print on the practice but I figured I would just get it on the final one because it would be bigger. When I started on my final one I really liked how it looked until I started printing. The bear didn't even look like a bear it looked like whinny the pooh which was not what I was going for. I didn't really like this project because I cut myself a couple times and just didn't get into the whole project in general. I missed the first full week of the project but I still finished in time.

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