Benozzo Gozzoli By: Gabby DeAngelis


  • Benozzo Gozzoli was born in 1420 in Florence, Italy.
  • Gozzoli also spent most of his life in Florence but traveled frequently to work on some of his projects. (such as Tuscany, Umbria, and Rome).
  • His teachers were successful in making him an amazing artist but he did not develop the grace and beauty of his professors.
  • Gozzoli was able to tell a story within his paintings.
  • He was easy going and had respect for his works. He was also spiritual.
  • Some of his works: "Journey of the Magi" (painting), "The Saints" (pilaster), "Annunciation" (painting)
  • Patrons: Pope Nicholas V, the Medici, and the commune of Pisa

The work:

"Journey of the Magi" was created in 1459.

  • You can find it today in the Medici Riccardi Palace in Florence, Italy.
  • The strokes on the traveler's hair are so exact and the perspectivism used to create the hills in the background makes them look 3-D.

This piece is interesting to me because:

~ The background is a beautiful landscape of nature.

~ I wonder where exactly the travelers are going and why.

Gozzoli's paintings reflects naturalism:

~ Gozzoli's paintings tells a story when you look at it in their natural appearance.

~ Most were frescoes; water paints on plaster.

Gozzoli himself reflects idealism:

~ He seemed to be relaxed and simple.

Interesting Facts:

  • Most of his works are of spiritual aspects.
  • Benozzo Gozzoli became an independent master at the age of 30.

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Gozzoli, Benozzo. Journey of the Magi, 1459, tempera and oil on wet plaster, Medici Riccardi

Palace, Florence, Italy.

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