High Rise Challenge Greyson hillin

Objective: To accumulate the most points in 3 attempts of the high rise challenge.

Criteria: Robots must fit into the 30 cm cubed dimensions box to be eligible to compete. Each member of the team must record at least one attempt in the challenge.

  1. Competition rules: all robots must start with the back of the robot touching the back of the competition field
  2. Blocks must be completely in the scoring zone to be counted
  3. Only like colored stacks will be scored

Scoring: Any color block in the scoring zone= 1 point. Stacks of like colors: 1 block= 10 points. 2 blocks=20 points and so on.

Think 1/25/17: Today I think I will start the assembley or design on the drive train. My partner can work on the claw and I will make the drive train. Probably won't finish today, but should be finished soon.

Do: we didn't get much done other than work a little on the drive train.

Think: 1/26/17: today we want to complete the drive train. Also, working on the claw a little could be very beneficial. A well working, fast drivetrain would be ideal for today.

Do: today we created a well working drive train. Did not get to the claw but drive train is pretty much finished.

Think 1/27/17: today we want to try to design some type of claw mechanism. Also, attaching the brain to the drive train would be good. If we could get some type of design for the claw done today, we should be good.

Do: today we completely finished one final aspect of the drive train. We began the design of the claw but haven't finished yet.

Think 1/30/17: today we want to complete the design and construction of our high rise. We need to complete or get a lot done with our claw. We need to finish our machine soon, because we need to test and modify.

Do: today we tried to complete our claw but the lack of parts made finding parts difficult which delayed us from completing our claw.

Think: today I Am going to mainly work on the claw. Beau is going to make the arm. Together we are going to get a lot of progress done today and working separately will make the building go faster.

Do: Today we made part of the arm and almost completed the claw. We will finish both of them tomorrow.

Think 2/1/17: Today we need to get a lot done. We really need to get our machine up and running. Completing the arm and claw is what we need to do.

Do: we got our car working. We found a flaw in one of our motors.

Think 2/2/17: Today we need to get some testing done with our robot. We found a flaw in one of our motors. We need to fix that flaw and get some tests done.

Do: we got some testing done and need to do some things To our robot.

Think 2/3/17: today we need to modify our robot. We need to also get good at driving and maneuvering our robot. We need to practice our tech ice.

Do: we got some practice with driving our robot.

Think 2/6/17: today I feel like we are not the best at driving and mounevering our robot and we could be better at it. Our robot should work just fine though. Our strategy is to try to go for speed mostly and stack blocks as fast as we can.

Do: today we got 2 points. We were not good at mounevering our robot.

Think: 2/7/17: today we need to be better st driving. If we stack our blocks we will be good. Also we need to get more blocks across faster. We also need to fix a gear issue.

Do: today we got 11 points. We also fixed the gear problem.

Think2/8/17: today we need to get a good amount of points. We need to mounever our robot better. We need to get more blocks and get as much points as we can.

Do: today we got a total of 11 points. Overall for all three days, we came out with a total of 24 points.

Competition results: me and beau both scored 11 points on one of our runs. Beau for his first he got 2 points then his next run he got 11. We scored a 24 points.

Conclusion: me and beau went over many bumps in the road while building our robot. Many of those diffuculties may be because we made our robot from scratch. This desicion could be beneficial, or could be bad. We started of by changing the gear ratio to give it more speed and agility. We had a lot of gear slipping. This was a problem that was ver harmful. We fixed it by making two pulley wheels on each wheel. After that it was competition time. The first day we were still getting used to driving our robot. So we only scored 2 points. The second day I was driving. I scored a total of 11 points. The next day beau scored 11 points too. Overall we scored a total of 24 points. Over all, we didn't do the best, but it was a fun experience.

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