My world Thalia polneau

Come into a world of freedom where you are proud to be you. Where you came from, your history, your people and culture defines who you are and where you will go. This is my world.

''proud to be''

"Proud to be", made in 2015, 10" 8", hb pencil, a carving tool, plexi glass, black paint, and a press printing machine.

Art piece technique: I first sketched the drawing then it got photocopied. Using the photocopied piece I carved it in with an engraving knife on the plexi glass. After doing so I painted it over with black paint to finally press print it on the final paper.

Art piece meaning: To me this piece meant a black women being proud of whom she is, its mainly about her confidence in her and no one can tell her differently. She keeps her chin up and picks herself up in hard situations she's strong black women.

"Don't Forget"

"Don't forget" made in 2016, 11.5" 8", engraving knife and an hb pencil.

Art piece technique: I engraved and cut a bristle board type of paper, it was challenging but the actual cutting part was pretty addicting. It was a new concept for me.

Art piece meaning: This piece to me means your roots will make you who you are today and you cant go further in life by forgetting where you came from. It will make you go places which is why I made the roots form into wings and her being lifted up through her story and people.

"chantelle winnie"

Winnie is such an inspiration, she went through so much in her life and has overcome all her struggles. I relate to her in so many levels, which allows me to connect even more with her touching story.She was diagnosed with vitiligo at the age of four, because of the white patches on her skin, she was teased by children at school and called ‘cow’ or ‘zebra People saw her as being different and weird, she was constantly bullied during her childhood and even beyond that she was able to transform her so called “flaws” into her charm, her crown of beauty, what made her unique and stand out from all the basic “ideally beautiful’ models. I admire that, the theme for this project was power and to me she was the perfect representation of a powerful, strong black women and I hope she continues to inspire young black girls to become just like her, a boss, and never forget where she came from and this is why she is here today, and young girls like me look up to her. “If one day I’m all white I’m still a model. I am not my skin. I am a model with a skin condition,” –Winnie Harlow

"Chantelle Winnie" made in 2016, 11.5" 8",clay, an HB pencil, brushes, spoons, carving tools, under glazing paint, and the kiln oven.

Art piece technique: This piece was sketched then I automatically went to work it was all about working with my hands and using the slip and score method you had to have a lot of control and finesse as well as patience. After it being dried up for a week it was time to paint the under glazing paint, it was sort of challenging doing the shading since it dried up pretty quickly which meant I had to work at a fast pace. After finishing this last step we put it in the kiln oven.

The 4 steps taken

Art piece meaning: This was more of a piece that was meant for me, since people will see it and know who Winnie is but it wont go further then than that since they wouldn't have experienced what I did when creating this piece, I felt a feeling of accomplishment since I had never done something like that before.

"This is me"

"This is me" made in 2015 17" 11" ,HB pencil,color crayons and black pen.

Art piece technique: This piece was sketched then photocopied and transferred unto the good paper to then be colored with crayons. I had to a lot of research on the African Culture, the history, the tribes masks and different patterns that I could incorporate into this piece.

Art piece meaning: This has a lot significance since as you look at the piece you can see that its all about a women proving who she is, she is determined that that's her true beauty. She's in fact a queen and she knows her worth. Her crown is her people, culture and where she came from and how much her people went through and she's a living representation of that today.


"New me"made in 2016, 18" 22", I used water color, color crayons and a black fine point sharpie.

Art piece technique: This piece was challenging for me since i had to create a sense of foreshortening, it was a new concept for me and it took me a while to get through my final copy, however once I was done I ended up directly using the water color. At one point water color spilled on my piece and because of that I had to change my whole idea which is why I made a sort of tear turning into and water fall coming out of a valley. I realized throughout this whole experience that it's good to personalize and create your own sort of water color palette so you work faster and its better for shading.

Art piece meaning: My art piece is mainly concerning the theme of people choosing what they want to see and the reason why the girl is breaking out of the eye is because she is breaking out of what she sees and chooses to view things. She's going beyond the influence and views of other people and choosing her own path. It means a new beginning that you don't always have to stick to your old habits or the way you view things. You have to take a step back and see if there is anything that you are doing wrong. Reach a new destination, with a new you.


"Showers of blessings"made in 2016,22" 9", fine point blue pen, real flower petals.

Art piece technique: This was a multimedia piece I felt like in order to send through my message of showers of blessings I had to do something that would stand out. The whole pen concept was very challenging shading using the cross hatching method and never having something to erase like when using a pencil was a struggle. At one point I ended up using white paint to cover up the error that I had commited, to then cover it up again with pen. Overall this was a very complex experience but in the end I love the outcome of it as it is something different.

Art piece meaning: In life you will receive blessings but just like the flowers that shrivel overtime it could only last for a moment and fade. However while they are there you need to take full advantage of them and this is why the woman's head is positioned that way and in her face you can see that shes relaxed and just simply taking in the moment. Sometimes in life we need to not always focus on the bad things that happen to us but on the good things that are to come and the many blessings in our lives. Because we all have some.

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