My Focused Future By jake potthoff

I want to be rich

I want to own a pet kangaroo

I want to sky dive

I want to live in Los Angeles

I want to visit Hawaii

I want to go to on a helicopter ride

I want to own a pet zebra

I want to visit Paris

I want to meet Kobe Bryant

I want to scuba dive


Created with images by luxstorm - "telephone london red" • feario_com - "cuba money peso" • Pexels - "nature australia wildlife" • skeeze - "skydiving jump high altitude" • dennisflarsen - "skydiver usa flag canadian" • sfxeric - "Downtown LA 2" • Danny Thompson Jr - "LA Live" • chrishawaii - "waterfall maui vacation" • Hruruk - "rainbow hawaii views" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Helicopter" • javallma - "zebra zoo black and white" • Klovovi - "Paris" • osamukaneko - "paris" • genewang0123 - "Kobe Bryant" • jennifrog - "Diving..."

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