Release Notes Release #25 - 17 April 2019

Goals: Improve surgical workflows, reduce claim rejection rates, resolve issues


3103 - Operation Report MRN Field Extended

In operation reports the Medicare Record Number (MRN) field now supports 20 characters.

4070 - Location Field Added to Operation Reports

In operation reports, surgeons can now see and edit the location of where the surgery took place. The operation location will be visible in the Clinical Journey, the operation report printout and in the Patient Portal.

819 - Remove Expiration Feature from Fee Estimates

For new Fee Estimates going forward, the 'Expiration Months' feature has been removed. As a result, practice staff will now be able to create or remove Fee Estimates without needing to be mindful of expiration dates.

4047 - Handling Claims With Some Rejected Items

Claims with a mixture of accepted items and rejected items will now be placed in the Exceptions Tab.

3904 - Improvements in Claims Requiring a Referrer

For claims consisting of items that require a referral, a request from Medicare to include the Date of Referral will ensure that more claims are successfully processed.

4071 - Handling Non-Electronic Claim Payments

ECLIPSE claims can now be manually moved over to the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) tab. This is applicable when the payment is received by cheque or bank transfer and manual reconciliation is required. A button has been added to initiate the manual move.

3503 - Additional Filters in Claims

Where previously missing, column filters have been added to Medicare and ECLIPSE tabs for exceptions and accepted claim listings. Claims can now additionally be sorted on Location and search fields for Medicare Status Code and Fund Assessment Code (for ECLIPSE) have been added.

388 - Improved Sort Order of Referrers in Invoices

For patients that have several valid referrals recorded in their patient file, the referral carousel on invoices now sorts those referrals alphabetically by provider name.

3014 - Remittance Advice

When printing a Remittance Advice after invoicing a patient, unless there is insufficient room on the page, the receipt will now print on one page instead of two.

4171 - Number of Patients in Message to Reception

When consulting afterhours or attending nursing home visits, the doctor now has the ability to define the number of patients treated in the Message to Reception window through the clinical screen. This was previously only visible on the invoice page.

4446 - Tyro Terminal Pairing Enhancements

Unnecessary pairing error messages should no longer be displayed.

3018 - Validation Messages in Patient Portal

Patients registering in the Patient Portal will no longer see data validation messages obscuring data entry fields.

4197 - Rename 'Move' Button in Waiting Claims

For claims stuck in Waiting for more than two weeks, the button for manually moving claims out of Waiting has been renamed to 'Move to Exceptions'.

Issues Resolved

4703/PZ-282 - WorkCover SA Certificate Of Capacity

Multiple choice field added. Section C can now be completed as expected.

4054 - Claim Transaction History in Invoices

Invoices now include claim payment transaction history.

401 - Location Field in Multiple Patient Invoices

Improved the behaviour of the Location field on invoices. When invoicing multiple patients at the same location, the location field is disabled.

459 - Invoice History Not Displayed

Resolved an issue where, for some patients, invoice history is not displayed on the Invoice History Page and in the Patient Portal.

3700 - Merge Patients Not Possible After Consult

Patient files are now able to be merged immediately after one of these has consult notes added.

4164 - Lab Result Tags

As a result of applying fixes to the returned HL7 result, when the results are rendered, the user no longer sees tags and instead sees meaningful data.

5008 - Speciality Data Lost When Editing a Contact

Adding a contact in Pathology or Imaging will now result in the Speciality being retained when editing the contact. This means that the data no longer needs to be re-entered.

PZ-126 - Envelope Cutting Off 4th Line

When a company or contact has a 4 line address on a printed envelope, the 4th line is no longer being cut off.

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