How to Add a PowerPoint With a Narration/Audio file to Your ePortfolio A Guide for Students and Faculty

Microsoft PowerPoint files can easily be added to an ePortfolio by using the “Upload file” feature in the library of the ePortfolio. However, when uploaded, the PowerPoint will be converted to a .PDF file. This is fine unless your PowerPoint has audio files linked to the slides. Since .PDFs are image formats, the audio will not be playable. To resolve this, you will need to save your PowerPoint as a video file (.MP4) first and then upload it to your ePortfolio as a video, so the audio files linked to the slides will play.

Who is this for?

This for those that want to add a PowerPoint with a narration/audio file that is playable in their ePortfolio.

Step 1: Once you have created your PowerPoint with audio files attached to the slides, make sure to test the PowerPoint so that everything plays back properly. If so, click on the “File” tab in PowerPoint. (See image 1)

Image 1

Step 2: From the next window, click the “Save As” option and choose to save the file to your Desktop. (See image 2)

Image 2

Step 3: When the “Save As” window appears, click the down arrow next to “Save as type” and select the “MPEG-4 Video (*.MP4)” option. Then click “Save.” The Powerpoint will start converting to a video. (See Images 3, 4 and 5)

Image 3
Image 4
Image 5

Step 4: Now, upload the video (.MP4) version of your PowerPoint to your ePortfolio as you would any other file and the audio will play. For instructions on how to upload files, please view our “How to Upload Files, Documents, Images and Videos” tutorial. (See image 6)

Image 6
That's it. If you have any questions, contact the ePortfolio team or visit the MB-57 office.
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