Jacques-Louis David Leadership through intercultural communications

1 – How did the “Art” you choose personify intercultural communication in relation to leadership?

I chose to go to the Louvre over spring break and experience the Jacques-Louis David exhibit. This artist is an artist out of the late 18th century who painted many works that are all about leadership in society. One of his most famous works is that of the Coronation of Napoleon. It personifies intercultural communication in relation to leadership by depicting Napoleon crowning himself to rule in a way of saying that he made himself the king and he did this on his own. David painted works that would revolutionize the way art was painted and lead art into the new era of the 19th century art forms. these are forms would form us as a cultural society as a whole.

2- What concepts from the course topics covered (at the time you go) relate to the “Art” that you observed or participated in?

The concept from the course that related to the topic are those of equality and leadership among others. In the pieces by David there is always a clear leader depicted to lead those around him/her with "honor" and "valor".

3 – In what ways did the art touch on topics of difference, diversity, and liberation?

The way the art touch on different topics of difference, diversity, and liberation is one of the art pieces depicted scenes of people and slaves being liberated from their enslaved lives. The way the art made a difference was that at the time these pieces were painted the mere thought of liberating slaves was taboo. Also the Coronation of Napoleon show liberation difference and diversity through the vast variety of happenings going on in the painting itself. The event happening in the painting is Napoleon crowning himself king which is clearly diverse and different from most things that have happened in the past.

4 – How did the “Art” observation make you feel?

The "art: that i observed made me feel both empowered and helpless at the same time. Each of the paintings in this exhibit were at least 20' tall and 30' wide making it difficult not to feel small and helpless when standing next to them. It made me feel empowered be cause of the images they depicted, even though some were of slaves and women and children, everyone depicted looks so regal and like they belong. everyone looks as though they have a common purpose and that they intend to accomplish it. I have also been studying these pieces for a large portion of my life and to finally see them in person really moved me in an extremely unexpected way.

5 – What did you learn?

What i learned from this exhibit is that leadership can be seen through all and not just those who hold power. Whether it not be literally power but the illusion of power. In the Coronation piece Napoleon had absolutely no power but took the crown from the Pope and did the coronation himself to show that he held the power and no one could give or take it away from him as a leader in society.

6 – Include a photo of yourself at the event.

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