Get to know me... 10 facts about my life now

My life is full of Excitement at any given time having a 12 yr old, and 2 yr old oh the games they come up with!

I'm a stay home mom to not only my kids but to two awesome buns as well!

Lola Fluff
Mr. Bunny aka Mr. B

I spend my days cooking, cleaning, and playing with the fur babies and not so furry babes!

I spend my evenings crocheting, sewing, and learning anything new I possibly can usually by watching umpteen number of youtube videos, and chill netflix sessions are nice too!

I love my family and close friends with every heart beat my big heart can beat!

I have only a few very close friends and don't trust easily. I always say though I'd rather have the friends I have then all the friends in the world and them not be genuine!

I love everyone I meet and feel there is always something to learn from people!

Im currently racking my brain for ways to start my youtube channel and dont even have a video made!

My goal is not to become famous or even make any money, my goal is simply to share my wisdom with others that have the same interests as my own, and build new relationships with people that share my same passions!

I love to find humor in all areas of life! By the way I just burnt the pizza I was cooking while trying to put this together! Story of my life!!

If you have any questions for me pertaining to bunny care, child care, or crafts and crochet I'd love to be helpful! Feel free to comment with advice and encouragement! Thanks for reading!

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Emily Mitchell

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