Representations of Data BinAry

What is binary?

Binary is the numerical language used by computers in the form of 1s and 0s. All data needs to be converted into binary for a computer to be able to process it.

Why dO comPuters use binary?

Computers use binary because their circuits can either be on or off so either a 1 or 0. Everything on a computer is made up of binary, all the photos, websites and apps are made from many 1s and 0s.

CoNverting Denary into binary

For example, to work out the number 84 in binary, first you need to set up the columns of base 2 numbers.

Then find the highest number that goes into your denary number, in this case it's 64. So you put a 1 in the 64 box and minus it from 84 which makes 20.

32 doesn't go into 20 so a 0 goes in that box

16 can fit in 20 you you put a 1 in the box and take it away from 20, leaving 4.

8 doesn't fit into 4 but 4 does so a 0 and 1 go in those boxes.

We're left with 0 so zeros go in the last two boxes.

And so you have the binary number for 84 : 1010100

To convert binary into denary you do the same process, put the 1s and 0s in their respective boxes and then add up the numbers with a 1 in their box.

Each box in the table is a bit, 4 bits is 4 boxes, 8 bits is 8 boxes and so on.


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