My Story Haley Green

My Name

My name originates from an English farm where hay was cleared, I honestly laughed when I read that for the first time. But why would my parents name me after a hay bail? They didn’t. My dad named me after a rare shooting star, Halley’s comet. The fact that I am named after such a beautiful piece of nature leaves me feeling confident every day. Not many Haley’s out there were named after a star, just an old relative, or possibly a hay bail.

Whenever I buy a coffee at Starbucks, the workers always ask, “What’s your name?” and I reply, “Haley”. It’s funny actually, because every time I get a coffee I look at my name on the cup and it’s spelled differently. Although if a substitute pronounces my name as “Hallie”, and all you can hear is that al instead of hey sound, I get really really annoyed. I mean, how hard is it to pronounce a name with a million different spellings? Come on buddy, try again.

I love that my name has so many opportunities for nicknames such as hay, Hales, Hay Bails, and Halster. The funniest thing is when i run into someone named Haley, because the first thing someone asks me is, “how do you spell it?” this is hilarious because if you have the same spelling you’ll be best friends. I answer, “H-A-L-E-Y, soft a”, the other Haley will give me a look and say, “Well I spell it, H-A-I-L-E-Y”. I would just wonder why she would use the hail that falls from the sky to describe herself. I don't understand and will never understand why there are infinite amount of ways to spell my name, but it will always be special to me how I spell my own name.

My Place

Two stories tall, a screen door, two slides, monkey bars, a roof, a rock wall, a tire swing and a pole, dangling off the side of the tree house. Muscles go numb and minds go blank. High up looking down at old memories and the ground where my brother broke his wrist. I remember my parents and I used to play tag, all of us together in the tree house. There was shrieking and the sound of, “no tag backs!” The tree house brought back old echoes of memories and stress-free times. Once it got dark, mom would yell, “last one in's a rotten egg!” Flashes of my mom tagging my dad and my dad giving her a hug, then a kiss, then my siblings and I saying, “ewwwww!” and prying them apart. Then my parents would push us on the tire swing, until my sister got so dizzy she threw up on my brother.

If I ever feel alone, I know the tree house will hold me up. Up so high, so so so high in those sturdy trees, which have survived through fifteen beautiful winters. I have memories to hold onto, memories that will last me a lifetime of youth. Just the other day my sister asked my Dad to play tag, just like old times, he responded and said his hip isn’t as good as it used to be. Though, it seems just the other day we were playing tag like it was our duty, our job, our only purpose. My siblings loved it, the fear of being tagged, the excitement of tagging someone and the happiness of family.

And A Happy New Year

A learning experience I remember vividly is when I had my first New Years Eve party freshman year of High School. I remember I was so excited and nervous to have my first party. Who was I going to invite? How should I decorate? My mom said I had a maximum of fourteen people, since it was my first party. I chose to invite my five closest friends, three boys they were friends with, some funny kids to keep the party entertaining and this boy I had never talked to, but I liked. I spent weeks deciding what color streamers, what food, drinks and party accessories to buy, what i would wear, but asking this boy to come to my party was scary as could be. He was a year older that me, and I don’t know why I insisted on inviting him, but I did. I conversed with my friends for weeks about him, and how I should ask him to come, knowing no matter what I said it would sound super awkward since I was a lousy freshman having a weird “party”. Once I sent out the invitation, I couldn’t believe he said yes, I was out of my mind. My friends tried to calm me down, but that was no use, no one could kill my ignition. After all of the sparks, four people could come, none of the the comedian-like student entertainers, boys, or girls could come, yup you can laugh. Yup, just three girls and one guy, imagine that. I chose to have the party, not because I knew I didn’t need entertaining people, I faced the fact it would be lame, but rather than drinking or doing whatever people may do New Years, I was going to have a good time. I was hoping also, to maybe get my first kiss ever, even more embarrassing.

Knock, Knock, Knock. “Haley! You’re friends are here!” In walked three boys, one in a bucket hat, one in camo pants, and one that wouldn’t stop talking. “Hey,” he said, his voice shaky, though sweet sounding to me, “is it okay that I brought these kids with me, I couldn't get a ride, and they were feeling lonely, don’t worry about them though. They’re part of the good decision club hahah”. Was he talking to me? Because I hope he wasn’t, I just smiled, and couldn’t stop shaking. My friend Jessie said, “HA, yeah, it’s fine! Sorry she’s a little… uh, tired! Ya know!” She nudged me, my eyes just stuck on his face. Finally, I got the nerve to say, “Do you guys want to go downstairs?” In my mind I had imagined everyone dancing all night to, The Black Eyed Peas, but that didn’t happen. What did happen was the six of us sat in a circle on my basement rug, I was sitting in between him and Jessie, and his friend that talked too much told endless memories he had about almost everything. Honestly, his stories were deplorable, but the time flew because I was sitting next to the boy I liked. Although, whenever he would begin to tell another story, the boy I think I liked would look at me, roll his eyes, and I would giggle. So I began to enjoy the horrible stories. This lasted until a little before twelve, then I turned on the T.V. and we all watched the ball drop together to claim a Happy New Year. I looked at him and he looked at me, we both smiled, but nothing else. But in the moment, a smile meant more than any kiss could. A smile clarified our feeling for each other, despite uncertainty of each other. The smile meant that we would spend many more New Years together. Looking back, even though it was one of the best learning experiences I've had, I learned to come out of my comfort zone. I don't regret the irreplaceable memories that were made that night. My friends and I always bring it up, whenever we need a laugh. He and I laugh about it together often too, thinking about how funny that one night was, and how we ended up here from a nerve packed, uncertain, funny night.

My Role Model

Flowers come in all different color combinations, thousands of different types, roses, hydrangeas, tulips and so on. However, some flowers never grow back, they die before they get the chance to fully bloom. Usually, those flowers, are the most beautiful ones of all the flowers in the garden. Barbara was like a flower, yes, yes she truly was like a flower. Winter came too early for her, she didn't have enough time to fully bloom.

She was a petite little lady, with dark hair and beautiful features. She had a different outfit for any, and I mean any event. Even when I would help her weed the garden she would look runway worthy, usually wearing her famous yellow raincoat, yellow pants, and matching yellow rain boots. I always looked forward to going to her house to talk with her. While we talked, we would sip organic lemonade and make root beer floats. We always would talk about expensive clothing and the struggles we both faced because of our petite sizes. She would usually order me the most adorable clothing from Nordstrom or Neman Marcus, or as her husband Ernie calls it, "Needless Markup". We would also discuss our favorite kinds of food, and she would always rave about Whole Foods, or as Ernie called it, "whole paycheck". She was my role model ever since I was ten years old. Her elegance, beauty, intelligence, sarcastic personality and ability to put others first has shaped the women I am today. When I was in her presence, I felt like I was the only person in the world. She gave me confidence, and taught me I can be anything I want to be as long as I work as hard as I want my goal.

The love she showed everyone that knew her is one thing I will always remember. Yes, she had cancer throughout her sixty years of life, but she always ignored it, treating the illness as if it were non existent. When the doctors told her they were stopping chemo she said, "no way I'm going to die like this! Keep them coming!" which always made everyone crack up. Something Barbara has taught me that will always carry with me and I will plant into my everyday life is to always put others first, be kind, humble-and dress the par.


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