Japanese Culture By: Fayth White

With its capital as the worlds most populated city reaching about 37,833,000 citizens, Japan has its own unique culture. Japan is a beautiful island country with lots of sights to see, many different styles of art and music, and has its native religions. There are plenty different aspects of it that all together make up Japan and its culture.

Landscapes and Weather

As a long island country off of the East coast of Asia, Japan has many different climates and landscapes. some of the landscapes include mountains, planes, hills, and many beaches as well as forests.

In fact, Japan has over 3,000 islands and about 68% of Japan is covered in forests which is more than any other country in the world.

As well as many different types of landscapes there are also many different climates in japan. Because of the ever changing weather, there can be cold and snowy mountains or there can be warm, sunny and green mountains. The same goes for any place in japan. But overall the weather is pretty decent with the average low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit and the high as 79 degrees Fahrenheit ( www.holiday-weather.com/tokyo/averages )

Japanese Art

There are many different styles of Japanese art, including painting, calligraphy, pottery, ceramics, and origami. Having close relations with both countries, China and Korea are major influences for Japanese society and culture. therefore both countries are one of the major influence of Japanese art. The other two major influences are nature and their main religion of Buddhism.

Art is a common activity that is practiced all over Japan in both the higher and lower classes of Japanese society and is concidered to be a major part of Japanese culture.

Religion and Beliefs


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