Coach V's Dream Cottage Cottage design and calculating associated costs

In this project, I made a dream cottage for Coach V. First, I decided upon the dimension of the structure (10m by 8m). Here are the simple blueprints from the top, front and side. (1 meter = 4 boxes)

This is the blueprint of the top view.
This is the blueprint of the front of the Cottage.
This is the blueprint from the side.

After making the blueprints, I designed a three-dimensional version of the cottage with a website called Tinkercad. On Tinkercad, I was able to make walls and windows for the cottage. At the end, a roof was put on top using the triangular prism button.

These are the views of the cottage from each perspective. All of them were used to help calculate the costs associated with painting the outside walls, putting shingles and heating the cottage.

View from the top, with and without the roof
View from the front and back
View from the right and left sides
The cottage from a perspective that shows multiple sides.

Buying a house means that you need to pay for its costs. In this project, we need to calculate the surface area of the exterior walls, the area of the rooftop and the volume of the home in order to find the cost of paint, shingles and heating.

This is the setup of Cost Calculations.
The actual calculations were done on this paper.

To figure out the total price, 40 euros of Celestial Blue exterior paint, 810 euros for a new roof and 1350 euros to pay for 3 months of heating during the freezing winter. When all the numbers are added up, it come to a total of 2200 euros. I hope you, Mrs. V and Emma will have an awesome time in the cottage!

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