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Random facts about Igbo Tribe:

  • There population is 5.5 million people
  • They are the second largest group living in southern Nigeria
  • There Independence Day is October 1
  • The love to play musical instruments
  • Wrestling is the most popular sports among the boy
  • http:d//www.everyculture.com/wc/Mauritania-to-Nigeria/Igbo.html

Daily Life

Village life for the Igbo people is like many other villages in Africa, but still unique in their way. Igbos live in villages that have anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand people that consist of numerous extended families. Something interesting about these villages is that there is no king or ruler. The decisions are made by including almost everyone and institutions such as a council of elders, women's associations, and secret societies. They emphasize individual actions and community living.


The origin of them is always debated. They say to have come from Aguleri and Nri, two Anambra communities. The ruler of Nri, Eze Obidiegwu Onyesoh had said that his community Nri is the origin of Igbo. Many people think that Onyesoh is telling the truth.

They are both located in Southern Africa. There has been a lot of speculation in seeing where the Igbo belong. Igboland is the home of the Igbo people which is also located in Southern Africa. It is divided by the Niger River. They are surrounded by many other tribes.


Igbo food they have all source of different foods. They have foods that look good and nasty. But they way that they make there food is very different from everybody else. Like one of the foods they make is egusi soup served with pounded yam. That's one of there main foods they love to eat


The marriage to them is very important, but is very different to what people see here. They are meant to get married and their parents are meant to be very involved.

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