Cabra Matters Term 1 Week 8 2019

Principal's Report

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,


Thank you for your support of Harmony Day last Thursday. It was great to see so many students, parents, carers and staff dressed in orange to show their support for our very successful and happy multicultural nation. There are over 35 languages from around the world spoken at our school as a first language. All Australians migrated to this country for a better, happier and more peaceful life.

According to our school records the following languages are spoken by the families and staff attending our school:

Vietnamese (Vietnam)

Khmer (Cambodia)

Kurdish (Kurdistan in North Iran)

Filipino (Philippines)

Samoan (Samoa)

Arabic (Middle East e.g. Lebanon and Iraq)

Cantonese (South Eastern China)

Spanish (Spain and all South American countries except for Brazil)

Mandarin (Central and North China)

Teochew (dialect from Guangdong in South East China)

Tongan (Tonga)

Lao (Laos)

Fijian (Fiji)

Tagalog (Philippines)

Serbian (Serbia)

Turkish (Turkish)

Karen (Myanmar)

Krio (West Africa)

Macedonian (Macedonia)

Assyrian (North Iraq and North East Syria)

Pidgin (Central and Western Africa)

Indonesian (Indonesia)

Romanian (Romania)

Chaldean (dialect in Assyria)

Burmese (Burma)

Cebuano (Philippines)

Amharic (Ethiopia)

Hindi (India and Fiji)

Igbo (South East Nigeria)

Persian (Iran)

As you can see above, our school community is made up of people from many countries using many languages. Interestingly, some of our languages are originally from a “mother” country or language, such as Spanish and Hindi, with that language being taken to different parts of the world by immigrants. Of course, the main language of Australia is English and is a result of the British arrival and occupation here in 1788. If the language your family speaks is not listed above, please let me know so that it can be included.

For the 60,000 years prior to the British arrival, the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people spoke in the various dialects of their languages. In our local area, the Cabragal clan spoke a language called Dharug, which was the dialect spoken by the Aboriginal clans throughout most of Sydney.

To say “good to see you”, the Cabrogal people said “warami”. To say “thank you”, they said “didjuriga”. To say “I go” or “goodbye”, they said “yanu”. If you would like to find out more words spoken by the Cabrogal people, google “Dharug Dictionary”.


Next week, the teachers will meet with parents and carers to provide information about student achievements and areas for improvement. It is not too late to make an appointment. Please refer to the invitation which was sent to families two weeks ago.

Speaking of languages, Mrs Greenfield has worked very hard to organise interpreters for parents and carers who do not speak English to talk with the teachers. I would like to thank the teachers for their hard work in preparing the information about their students to share with you. I look forward to hearing of the many learning successes of our students.


Once again, our Years 3 and 5 students will participate in the National testing program in Literacy (Reading, Language Conventions and Writing) and Numeracy in Weeks 3 and 4 next term. The students will do the tests using a laptop computer. This week, the students will participate in practice sessions to familiarise them with using a computer rather than paper and pencil.


Our school provides lots of after school activities for your children which shows how much the staff care about providing your children with extra experiences. At the moment, many children are playing in the school grounds without proper supervision. If you and your children need to remain at school to wait for a child who is participating in an after school activity, I would like you to wait in the 3-6 COLA area where the morning assembly is held and in other parts of the school site. This is a much safer situation for your children.


Don’t forget! Community Day will be held in two weeks on WEDNESDAY APRIL 10. All purchases will be made by prepaid coupons, so bring in your money to buy some coupons. This will be great day of cultural celebration and fun.

Best wishes,

Glen Stelzer.

Halogen National Young Leaders Day

On the 11th of March, our Year 6 SRC students attended the Halogen Leaders Day event at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. They came together with many other students from all around NSW to be inspired as future leaders.

Our students had the privilege of listening to many inspiring people including Australian swimming Olympian Cate Campbell, ‘Cotton On’ Foundation coordinator Tim Diamond and children’s book author Tamsin Janu. The students enjoyed listening to the success stories of the speakers and came away with an understanding of some very important life lessons.

On behalf of Cabramatta SRC, we would like to thank Mr Stelzer and the school in providing such a great opportunity to our senior SRC members.

Miss Zakaria, Mrs Fry & SRC Committee

3S Design Challenge

3S have a weekly design challenge. This week they tested their bridges. They also responded to questions and listened to feedback from their peers regarding the design process.

Year 1 Robotics

Year 1 working with their Year 5/6 buddies on robotics and art.

Harmony Day 2019

On Thursday the 21st March, Cabramatta Public School came together to celebrate Harmony Day. Harmony Day is a special day because it is a day where we celebrate inclusiveness, and the belonging and respect for all Australians, regardless of one’s cultural or linguistic background. Cabramatta Public School is proud of all the support our school community has shown for Harmony Day, particularly in light of the recent events in New Zealand. It was great to see many of our staff, students and parents dressed in orange to signify our vibrant and multicultural country.

SRC Committee

Learning with KV

KV have had a great week of learning. In Maths, they used unifix cubes to represent numbers and identified the 2D shape of real life objects.

In PDH, students engaged in a think-pair-share activity to share their likes and dislikes with their partners.

What Hatched in Kindergarten?

Look what hatched in Kindergarten this week!🐣🐣

Mad Scientist Day in Year 2

Year 2 participated in a Mad Scientist Day that linked to the new Science and Technology syllabus. Students had the opportunity to conduct their own experiments. Year 2 had a fantastic time pretending they were scientists!

Learning with K-6 Yellow

K-6 Yellow have been working with their Year 5/6 buddies, learning how to use the Blue-bots.

They have also had lots of fun playing with the Glockenspiel.

Book Fair March 2019

The library is hosting a book fair on Tuesday March 26th to Friday March 29th.

The selection of books at our Book Fair will include a wide range of quality books from the best Australian and overseas authors & illustrators.

All books are discounted.

Every single purchase from the Book Fair earns FREE books and resources for our school.

You, your family and friends are most welcome to share in the magic of matching children and books.

Catch the Reading Wave at Cabramatta Public School’s Book Fair!

Credit Card facilities are available. No AMEX please.

Community Day 2019

On Wednesday, 10th of April, it is Community Day!

Students can start to bring in money now to put towards their coupons for Community Day. We recommend each child buys at least $15 worth of coupons. This will help to ensure that they are able to enjoy food, rides and what different stalls have to offer. Students must pay their money to the teachers, not the office.

Thank you for your continued support.

Our new school app is now active.

Cabramatta Public School has signed up to a new platform to help improve communication between our school and the parent community.

SkoolBag will be used to send app notifications regarding important events and school announcements. As well as a reference point for key documentation.

We are excited to be using technology to help bring our community closer together. Please follow the download instructions below.

What's happening?
  • March 21st - Year 2 Science Incursion
  • March 22nd - Learn to Swim Program
  • March 25th - Homework Centre
  • March 25th-29th - NAPLAN Practice Test
  • March 26th-29th - Book Fair
  • March 29th - Learn to Swim Program
  • April 1st - Homework Centre
  • April 1st-4th - Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • April 5th - Learn to Swim Program
Community Annoucements

New at the Uniform Shop

School Backpack $10

Library Bag $8

Uniform Shop is OPEN from

8.30am—2.30pm Monday to Thursday

8:30am—12pm Friday

CLOSED from 12pm on Fridays

The Uniform Shop is located in the front office.


Cash Only and No Refunds are given



We will no longer be collecting the money for any Scholastic Book Club orders at school. The catalogue's will still be sent home with your child. Then if you wish to order anything from the catalogue you will need to follow the steps below. Your order will then be delivered to the school and sent home with your child, as it has in the past.

Canteen News

Mini Lunch Packs

Not sure what to order for lunch? Why not try one of our mini lunch packs.

Each pack comes with

  • Mini cupcake
  • Mini fruit cup
  • Mini chocolate or strawberry milk
  • Mini jelly cup

Your choice of either

  • Devil wing
  • 2 chicken wings
  • Dim sim
  • Wedges
  • Party pies

Each pack comes with a hot food option of your choice.

Each pack costs $6.00

Thank you, from the canteen staff.

Mini Lunch Packs

Community News

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