Theodore Roosevelt By: Ryan OSBORNE

Would have been back of speaker of house if McKinley hadn’t won

National Guard 1882 - 1886

Took him only a year to become commander and he stayed it until he resigned

Formed the First US Volunteer Cavalry Regiment - Rough Riders

The Battle of Kettle Hill was “best day of his life”

Won the 1898 gubernatorial election by 1%

Made sure to remain connected with middle-class political base

Served 1st term without a VP

Intended to adhere to McKinley’s policies

*Increased anti-trust prosecutions

*Passed the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act

*Did a lot of work with the conservation of natural resources

1st president to issue over 1000 Executive Orders (1081)

The Naval War Of 1812 is Theodore Roosevelt’s first book, published in 1882

It covers the Naval battles and technology used during the war of 1812

It is considered a seminal work in its field , and had a massive impact on the formation of the modern American Navy

His wife dies on the same day as his mom (February 14)

Has 5 kids after his second marriage

Second child born out of four

Grew up with poor health and asthma

At 7 he grew in an interest in zoology

He liked taxidermy, he would stuff anything he caught and killed

He started working out a lot and hired a boxing coach to teach him

He was home schooled so he could travel with his dad

Went to Harvard

He was not to great at mathematics

Attended Columbia law school after graduating Harvard and hated it

He started writing a book on the war of 1812

Was originally asked to run for Vice President in 1900 but won the Presidential election.

Defended the permanent acquisition of the Philippines in the 1900 election campaign but lost interest after the rebellion in 1901

Square Deal - Three C’s (*)


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