Homemade hand sanitizer serves as effective substitute during shortage By Giselle oldani '22

*All photos by Giselle Oldani '22

As COVID-19 reaches its peak, many anxiety-filled residents have began to stockpile necessities like food and hygiene products. Hand sanitizer, although not as effective as soap and water, is one of those necessities suffering a shortage. When leaving the house to go to the grocery store or other essential places, it's extremely important one can continue to keep clean, not only to preserve their health but the health of others. For these reasons, a homemade hand sanitizer can come to the rescue when you're on the go.

Ingredients: three-fourths cup of isopropyl or alcohol (this can be rubbing alcohol or grain alcohol as pictured), one-fourth cup of aloe vera gel and 10 drops of essential oil or lemon juice.

Tools: measuring cup, whisk, spoon and a bowl (preferably one with a spout so it is easier to pour).

To begin, pour all ingredients into your bowl. The order does not matter.

Once all ingredients are added, mix with a spoon until every element is well incorporated.

Next, beat the mixture with a whisk for a few minutes. Depending on the aloe vera gel you choose, the mixture may be closer or farther from a gel-like texture. Most likely the mixture will be more of a liquid which is completely fine and just as effective.

Your ending mixture should look like this. It is normal for some bubbles to form while mixing too. You can either put the mixture into some type of container or soak paper towels to make wipes.

I decided to order some small spray bottles for convenience since they can easily be stashed anywhere and the spray function makes application easier. I ordered these ones off of Amazon.

If you do decide to purchase smaller containers, the next step is to pour the mixture into each. If you do not have a spout to pour or are just generally bad at pouring, you can use a funnel and place it on top of the sanitizer container.

The last step is to label your container. Although optional, I really recommend doing this step to prevent confusion and keep organized. I didn't have any labels so I wrote hand sanitizer on a small post-it note and glued that on.