Learning and Studying Theater An essential set of 21st Century skills

Students, parents, and administrators do not always see the value of learning theatrical skills; Although, theater helps build so many 21st Century values and skills.

The colorful world of theater has so much to teach students in the 21st Century.
Theater helps promote leadership and confidence. Students become effective communicators while both studying the oral and written form of theater.

Students develop comfort being creative and imaginative while making strong choices when creating characters.

They improve how they express themselves, not only through emotional expression, but also through movement and facial expressions.

This form of self expression promotes better relationships and connections with others.

Theater is inherently collaborative. Students learn the value of teamwork, while learning to balance their personal responsibility with their group contribution.
Students learn to connect with their own emotions while also being more aware of the people around them.
Students explore other cultures and develop experiences that make them more empathetic and sympathetic to people surrounding them who have different life experiences.
Allow students to gain the adaptability of developing new worlds, learning about people, and the flexibility to create collaborative experiences for themselves and their peers.


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Kate Hoover


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