How We Express Ourselves PHOtography

Theme :- How we express ourselves.

Descriptor :- An inquiry into the ways in which we express and discover our feelings, ideas, nature, culture, beliefs and; values the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic


We had a buddy talk with the sixth graders experience and they told us many things about how to research, don't give up, and many more. I learned that you have to make a bond with your group to have fun or else you'll end up doing nothing most of the time. I feel after knowing how they felt , I'am a little more confident about exhibition. Although, I'am still scared about the challenges that I'm going to face and how much of a challenge are they...

In the town hall meeting we learnt about more ways to express yourself and how you can combine them. We also watched a metaphorical video about a biker and how much skills he has on his bike. This means that exhibition will be hard but at the end you will be proud of it because you put so much effort and came out very nice.


The first thing we did was chose what we wanted to do for exhibition and I chose photography, writing and baking. I really want to be in a good group of hard working people and as this group will be with me through-out exhibition, I want us to get along. The 6th graders told us to be with people who have the same passion but I also want people that are nice and don't always tell me what to do.

We had our first group meeting and my group includes Shweta, Advita, Sammara and Anwita. I'am in the writing group. We did a bunch of team building activities such as getting to know everyone, building a bridge out of bunch of newspaper, duck tape and scissors. It had hold a pencil stand filled with pens and it should be tall and wide enough to let the pencil stand go under.

I had problems with one of my group members and writing wasn't my first preference. I asked Ms. Hemal if I could change groups and she said it might take awhile. I do not like it when people are straight forward in what they think, they should go slowly. But I also understand that you can't always hold on if someone hurts your feeling, because there are a million other people in the world that can do the same thing. I tried to let go about that even though people brought it back up to me. I feel much better because now I don't have to worry about it!



I got a surprise from Ms.Hemal today. She told me that I'll be going to a new group! I got so happy I wanted to tell everyone but I only told Aaliyah, who is one of the members of my new group, and Shweta because I needed someone to explain to my old group what happened. I am now in the photography group.

I didn't get to create the central idea and lines of inquiry as I wasn't there while they were creating it. I did frame a few questions though. I really like what there central idea is because there is so much we can research about and we don't only have to use the internet as some of the questions are related to what other people think.

Our first mentor meeting!!! Our group mentor is Ms.Beena Ajith and she was my 4th grade teacher, from last year. She gave us a lot of input on how we should research and how we should plan daily activities. She said we should make a calendar and put in what we will do everyday.

WE HAVE STARTED TO REsearch!!!! But It's nearly spring break:(.... IDEA! LET's ReSEARCH DURING SPRING BREAK!


We had a town hall meeting first thing in the morning. we watched a metaphorical video about never giving up and how it affects the results/products.

We had a session with Mr. Anil about citing and not being a plagiarist. We did an activity based on how to site books and magazine articles. I learnt that you must cite your sources properly or else the proper people won't get the credit, I also learnt that to cite websites, you must do much more than just putting the url.

My group and I are done with the central idea, LOIs and the questions. We have researched about LOI 1 but we still have a lot more research to do. We did research over spring break because, 10 weeks is at least better that 9! We also did that because we would finish our research faster and ahead of time.



Acquisition of Knowledge - I developed my own ideas about how photography is a chosen medium to capture moments. I started using specific vocabulary while making the central ideas and while making questions because we needed to specify what we were going to research. Comprehension - I summarized information about how photography was an art by paraphrasing a large body of text. Application - I explored different options when I was researching because I didn’t just look at websites, I looked at books and research that I had done in 4th grade because in 4th grade I did a whole lot of research. Analysis - I identified relevant and irrelevant information about the camera because we were researching about what the camera does and the types of pictures it can take as we are exploring how we express ourselves, not how different parts of the camera work.

Listening - I listened carefully in different situations inside the school when I was looking for guest speakers and field trips because that would really help my group to get research. Speaking - I expressed my ideas clearly, thoughtfully and logically when I told my group that we can look at different types of media other than websites, because that would help us get various information. Reading - I understood main ideas from the text when I was paraphrasing large bodies of text because if you don't paraphrase or give credit to the websites work, you will be called a plagiarist. Writing - I recorded information and observations in different ways when I was note-taking videos and recording information that I got from books because each medium of research has a different form of note-taking.


Town hall Meeting;

Learner Profle reflections

During our last mentor meeting in week 4, I was a very good communicator as I had discussed about how much each line of inquiry is connected to the central idea. I hope to keep this kind of healthy discussion every time we work. I felt really good because I let my thoughts out in a very polite but persuasive way.

When I was researching LOI 1, I felt that I was being balanced, But the truth was that I was more into researching LOI 1 instead of working on the other LOI's as well. At the end, it turned out to be okay because we only needed to research LOI 1 but my group told me finish the research ahead of time.

Teacher Comments-Research

During my research work, I found...

  • how photography has evolved over time
  • how people used photography back in the days
  • I also found out how photography has became and art
  • the uses of photography
  • the different types it of jobs it can give

I intend to find out...

  • how photography is used nowadays
  • how we are responsible for the changes that we have made in other peoples minds
  • differences photography has made in the world

Formulating Questions - I understood how to use and identify main ideas and keywords when finding out about the history of photography. I made up questions that I could research and find lots of information about how people used to use photography. Organizing - I used all my senses in identifying relevant and irrelevant information while paraphrasing and reading a few books about photography. Planning - I began to plan my research when we were forming questions for each of the LOI's. I organized my brainstorming to figure out what I wanted to research when I was starting to formulate questions. Collecting Data - I used the Internet to collect data for most of LOI 1 but I also used a bit of my photography booklet from last year to complete research. Recording Data - I took notes full of main points without copying sentences when I watched BrainPop videos about photography. Organizing Data - I made observations and conclusions about how photography changed into an art form.



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