Stone Age 'Rocks' Year 3 Spring Term 1 2021

Remote learning

Your child's teacher will be setting all home learning on Purple Mash. There will be a timetable set each Monday that has links to teacher videos for new learning. All activities will be set as 2Dos that can either be completed in Purple Mash or downloaded, edited and re-uploaded.

Work can also be completed on paper and pictures sent to homelearning@whitchurch-jun.shropshire.sch.uk

Please use this email to contact teachers with any questions and we will strive to respond to you as soon as possible.

Take care and stay safe everyone - we miss you and look forward to seeing you when we can.

The Inquisitive Me

The Inquisitive Me will: Multiply and divide—solve problems involving multiplication and division. Use measures—solve measure and money problems, add and subtract amounts of money to give change. Understand statistics—interpret and present data, solve one-step and two-step problems.

The Inquisitive Me will: Relate simple physical properties of some rocks to their formation. Recognise that soils are made from rocks and organic matter. Set up simple, practical enquiries and comparative and fair tests. Make accurate measurements using standard units, using a range of equipment. Gather, record and classify and present data in a variety of ways to help answering questions Record findings in words, pictures, charts and tables.

The Inquisitive Me will: Devise and construct databases using applications designed fit for this purpose in areas across the curriculum.

The Creative Me

The Creative Me will: Develop ideas from starting points throughout the curriculum. Collect information, sketches and resources. Investigate cave paintings and create printing blocks for relief printing using natural resources.

The Creative Me will: Engage in discussions, making relevant points. Make relevant comments or ask questions in a discussion or a debate. Seek clarification by actively seeking to understand others’ points of view.

The Creative Me will: Perform with control and awareness of others. Choose, order, combine and control sounds to create an effect. Use the terms: duration, timbre, pitch, beat, tempo, texture and use of silence to describe music.

This is Me: I will be a good person by showing: Perseverance

I will show responsibility by modelling: Mutual respect. Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

The Healthy Me

The Healthy Me will: Develop striking and fielding skills through a range of sporting activities.

The Healthy Me will: Identify religious artefacts and explain how and why they are used. Describe religious buildings and explain how they are used. Explain some of the religious build. Explain some of the religious practices of both clerics and individuals.

The Healthy Me will: Tell you about some of my hopes and dreams. Know that reflecting on happy and positive experiences can help me to counteract disappointment. Know how to work out the steps to take to achieve a goal, and can do this successfully as part of a group.

The Independent Me

The Independent Me will be inspired by the book ’Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura.

The Independent Me will: Write with purpose, use imaginative description, organise writing appropriately and use paragraphs. Write a story including historical details. Write a setting description, character description and retell a story.

The Independent Me will: Use more than one source of evidence for historical enquiry in order to gain a more accurate understanding of history. Suggest causes and consequences of some of the main events and changes in history. Place events, artefacts and historical figures on a time line using dates. Understand the concept of change over time, representing this, along with evidence, on a time line. Use appropriate historical vocabulary to communicate, including: dates, time period, era, change and chronology.

The Independent Me will: Ask and answer simple questions and talk about interests in French. Take part in discussions and tasks in French. Demonstrate a growing vocabulary. Describe with some interesting details some aspects of countries or communities where French is spoken.


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