How did airplanes change over time?

The first airplane ever made. The airplane lasted only 12 seconds in the air. That's a short time compared to now. The guy who flew the plane rose about 10 ft in the air. now the people rise about 5,000 ft maybe even more. The plane was invented in 1505. the plane was all open no windows so not safe. That was about the first airplane.

The second plane ever made. Now the second plane had windows.So the plane could be a little bit more safe. The plane flew a lot more better than the first one. It's easy to get around places. The plane was kinda closed. It's closed so you won't die. that was about the second plane.

This is about now and new airplanes. Now planes arrive at airports. So you know where to go from the airport. The planes now can have up to 30 passengers. To hold lots of passengers and people. Planes now can fly for a very very long time. so planes can get to far away places like china. That was about planes today good bye.


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