Chowdhury family West Bengal, India

The Chowdhury family is a family of six. Suresh is 40 and has a wife Basanti that is 30. They have four kids that are 10, 6, 7 and 3. They live in West Bengal, India. Suresh is a fruit collector. They make 29 dollars a month.

The Chowdhury family lives in a one room house. Thier house is made out of a tarp, leaves and bamboo. They have lived hear for 10 years and this is there only shelter. They made there house with friends and family. no construction workers.

The down side of this house is that they only have one water source and it is 2.5km away from there house and even that water is not safe to drink. Suresh has to use over 17 hours a week just getting water for his family.

Eduction is a crucial parts of our life. So we hope everyone gets a chance to have a good education. But in some cases what we want is not what is happening. All the kids in the Chowdhury family do not go to school.

The literacy rate in india is 74.04%. seeing that this education is a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14 this number should be a lot higher.


The work participation rate in West Bengal, India was 52.5 in 2013. Suresh is part of that 52.2%. He works 84 hours a week picking fruit for his job making 29$ a week. This makes it very hard to feed his family of five and save his money for a plot of land.

The International Labour Organization has predicted that the jobless rate will increase by 300,000 by 2018. In 2016 there were 17.7 million jobless people in India. In 2018 that number is predicted to grow to 18 million.

Quality of Life includes being safe. so for this part of quality of life i don't think that they have because 1 in five kids that go missing in india are from West Bengal. In 2014 there was 14,671 cases of missing children. And 40% of these kids remaen untracked every year. West Bengal, India is ranked the 17 hightest crime rate in india out of the 36.


Food is an important part of quality of life. people bond over it they share it with other people and most important we need it to survive. and to hear that 1 in 4 children in india are malnourished. It is a tribal thing to hear.

The Chowdhury family has food but they have to spend all there money on there food. but at least they have food because in india 194.6million people go hungry every day. and 30.7 % of kids under there age of five are under wait.

I think that the chowdhury family could have a better quality of life. It could be better but at least they have food and water. No mader how far at lesst they have it. They have family and friends witch makes every thing better.


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