ASTSWMO News Fall 2018

President's Letter

ASTSWMO President, Vernon "Chip" Crockett (AL), outlines his vision to the Association membership for 2019.

Board of Directors

ASTSWMO Elections

Elections for the new Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer took place during the 2018 ASTSWMO Annual Meeting in Bethesda.

We congratulate Conchita Taitano (GU) on being elected as the new Vice-President and Tim Ratsep (DE) on being elected the new Secretary-Treasurer. We wish them the best of luck.


CERCLA & Brownfields

The CERCLA and Brownfields Subcommittee continues to coordinate with EPA in implementing recommendations and actions from the EPA Superfund Task Force. Several sessions were planned for the 2018 ASTSWMO Annual Meeting, and the presentations and recordings from those sessions can be found on our website. ASTSWMO and the CERCLA and Brownfields Subcommittee would like to thank the following members who rotated off Focus Groups this year.

• Sediments: Alex Liverman (OR)

• Remedial Action: Tim Ratsep (DE), Brandi Little (AL)

• CERCLA Post Construction: Mike Gaudio (NJ), Mary Boardman (CO)

• Removals: Bruce Everetts (IL), Omar Valdez (TX), Bob Jurgens (KS)

• Brownfields: Sarah Bartlett (VT), Terry Sligh (AR), Eric Traynor (ID)

• Site Assessment: Patrick Boettcher (DE), Hal Cantwell (OK), Valerie Wilder (MO), Dale Urban (UT)

With a number of positions currently open, the CERCLA and Brownfields Subcommittee encourages State members to apply to be a part of one of the Focus Groups. If you have any interest and would like to see if your Region has any openings, please contact Scott Lauher.

Federal Facilities

ASTSWMO and the Federal Facilities Subcommittee would like to thank the following members who rotated off the Focus Groups this year, many of whom have contributed several years of service to ASTSWMO on various teams. We hope to see you all at the ASTSWMO and Federal Facility meetings in 2019, and on another ASTSWMO or State-Federal Workgroup soon!

• State Federal Coordination: Jim Cutler (VA), Jorge Jacobs (KS), Nicole Twing (WY)

• Remediation & Reuse: Gwen Zervas (NJ), Isabella Alasti (CA)

Hazardous Waste

The Hazardous Waste Subcommittee, together with the Materials Management Subcommittee, planned a session on State e-waste management and regulation at the ASTSWMO Annual Meeting. The session was structured as a dialogue among attendees to gain input for the Hazardous Waste and Materials Management Subcommittees’ further work on e-waste issues. The dialogue was kicked off with brief presentations of three State program approaches. The session recording and presentations are available on the 2018 Annual Meeting webpage on the ASTSWMO website.

Paula Bansch (IN) became Subcommittee Chair following the Annual Meeting, succeeding Karen Hale (OH). ASTSWMO appreciates Karen’s leadership of the Subcommittee during her term as Chair. ASTSWMO and the Hazardous Waste Subcommittee would like to thank Heather Alexander (KY), who rotated off of the Program Information Management Task Force this fall, for the time and experience she shared, and the contributions she made to the work of the Subcommittee.

Materials Management

The Materials Management Subcommittee organized a session on Anaerobic Digestion (AD) at the ASTSWMO Annual Meeting. The session focused on AD of food waste, and featured presentations on the development of an AD project in northern Virginia; EPA’s new report about anaerobic digesters throughout the country, with an emphasis on those ADs that process food waste; and food scrap processing (including post-consumer food scraps) followed by management at existing anaerobic digesters, with details of specific projects. The session was offered as a live webinar for ASTSWMO members. At least 31 additional State staff were able to attend the session and ask questions of the panel via the webinar. The webinar was recorded and is available on the 2018 Annual Meeting webpage on the ASTSWMO website here.

Cathy Jamieson (VT) became Subcommittee Chair following the Annual Meeting, succeeding Bob Blankenburg (AK). ASTSWMO appreciates Bob’s leadership of the Subcommittee over the past three years. ASTSWMO and the Materials Management Subcommittee would like to thank the following members who concluded their service as a Chair or member of Task Forces this fall, for sharing their time and experience, and for the contributions they made to the work of the Subcommittee:

• Beneficial Use: Kathy Prather (NY), whose term as Chair concluded.

• Radiation: Charles R. (Bud) Yard (TN), whose term as Chair concluded, as well as Gary Forsee (IL) and Philip Kern (AZ)

• Solid Waste Disposal and Conversion: Tom Byrne (NJ), Theresa Stiner (IA) and Paul Eckert (NV)

• Sustainable Materials Management: Eric Sanderson (AL) and Harry Sarvis (OH)

The Sustainable Materials Management Task Force has revamped the Food Waste webpage on the ASTSWMO website. Visit the new webpage here.


Many thanks to NEIWPCC, U.S. EPA, Kentucky DEP, and the ASTSWMO Task Forces and other State members for organizing and executing another outstanding National Tanks Conference (NTC) in Louisville, KY! Information and highlights from the event are archived on NEIWPCC’s website.

This quarter we welcomed Matthew Jones (NH), as the new Tanks Subcommittee Chair. We also said farewell to Leslie Carr (KY), who served as the Tanks Subcommittee Chair for the past four years. Leslie’s term happened to coincide with the release and implementation of the 2015 federal UST regulations, and her leadership and organization were key in ensuring the State programs had a strong voice during the process.

ASTSWMO welcomed several new members to the Task Forces this fall and we encourage all State tanks programs to reach out to your regional representative if you have a question or concern for further discussion within our Task Forces or with EPA. ASTSWMO and the Tanks Subcommittee would like to thank the Task Force members who rotated off of their teams this fall for volunteering their time and contributing to ASTSWMO’s research, work products, and Workshops and meetings over the past few years:

• UST: Matthew Jones (NH), John Olko (NJ-retired), Michael Jester (MD), Don Taylor (TN), Heather Peters (MO)

• LUST: Lori Spagnolo (DE), Stephanie Pfannenstiel (KS), Paul Zahn (UT)

• State Fund-FR: Kevin Horrigan (MA), Melinda Weir (TN)

• Emerging Fuels: Michael Hollis (NJ), Lon Revall (GA), Doug Reske (TX), Laura Luther (MO)

With the start of the new fiscal year, the Task Forces are starting new and revising outdated resources for the ASTSWMO membership. Be on the lookout for requests from the Tanks Task Forces seeking information on: common UST compliance violations; topics of interests for planning the 2019 LUST Workshop; State abandoned tanks and redevelopment programs; and statewide data on tank infrastructure for the Emerging Fuels Mapping Tool.

America Recycles Day

On November 15, 2018, America Recycles Day, EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler convened the first EPA Recycling Summit, during which participants from various industries and all levels of government discussed opportunities to advance and strengthen the domestic recycling industry and markets. The Summit focused on four action areas to improve and develop over the next year to advance a national approach to recycling: (1) education and outreach, (2) enhancing materials management infrastructure, (3) strengthening secondary materials markets, and (4) enhancing measurement.

EPA and participants signed a unified pledge to commit to work together to improve the state of the recycling system in the United States. Executive Director Dania Rodriguez participated in the Summit and signed the pledge on behalf of ASTSWMO. You can read the 2018 America Recycles Day pledge here.

Also on America Recycles Day, EPA issued the booklet, “Recycling: Protecting the Environment, and growing the economy”, which highlights recycling and other sustainable materials management activities at EPA and elsewhere across the U.S., including Guam’s Zero Waste Plan.

For links to more America Recycles Day information, including the EPA news release and the recording of the Summit, visit the EPA America Recycles Day 2018 webpage here.

Annual Meeting Recap

ASTSWMO held its 2018 Annual Meeting October 25-26, the theme of which was “Modernizing Environmental Protection”. ASTSWMO hosted 322 members from 49 States and Territories, for one of its largest ever turnouts. During this meeting ASTSWMO raised over $1500 and presented it to the “Earth Conservation Corps”, the selected charity for “ASTSWMO Gives Back”. Learn more about this year’s ASTSWMO Annual Meeting here.

We thank you again for your support and participation in this event and look forward to seeing you all again at the Mid-Year Meeting and next year's Annual Meeting as well.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The ASTSWMO Board of Directors selected Jennifer Roberts, who retired from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation in 2017, as the recipient of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award. Jennifer served with distinction as an ASTSWMO member for a number of years, and was the Chair of the CERCLA and Brownfields Subcommittee when she retired. The Board presented her with this award during the 2018 Annual Meeting reception on October 25, 2018.

Upcoming Meetings

ASTSWMO Meetings

ASTSWMO Mid-Year Meeting, NJ, May 1-2, 2019

ASTSWMO Joint Hazardous Waste and Materials Management Training Conference, August 2019

ASTSWMO LUST Workshop, September 2019

Non-ASTSWMO Meetings

ITRC Annual Meeting, March 25-28, 2019, Boston, MA

Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP) Forum, May 7-9, 2019, St. Louis, MO

The Environmental Show of the South, May 15-17, 2019, Chattanooga, TN


From the 1990s until 2017, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Office of Brownfield Reuse, in partnership with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, funded environmental assessment, investigation, and cleanup work on a 14-acre site of a former metals facility in Aberdeen, New Jersey. Through the Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF), the NJDEP enabled Aberdeen to characterize the site and ultimately complete the cleanup. Through the efforts of the Office of Brownfield Reuse and the HDSRF program, Aberdeen Township was able to attract a developer for an affordable housing project, called Hudson Ridge Development. The township also completed an ecological restoration project in conjunction with the redevelopment. As of October 2018, this brownfield redevelopment project has been successfully completed and is open to new residents.

Brownfield Redevelopment: Former South River Metals Corporation, New Hudson Ridge Development

The South River Metals Corporation was a steel and metal plating facility in the Aberdeen Township of Monmouth County that operated from the late 1800s to the 1970s. The facility included a foundry, machine shops, oil-fired boilers, aboveground and underground storage tanks, electrical transformers, and a railroad siding. After several fires in the 1980s and subsequent abandonment, the township acquired the property through foreclosure in 2001. In 2006, all above-grade structures were removed.

From the early 1990s through 2015, the HDSRF program within the Office of Brownfield Reuse at the NJDEP awarded approximately $1.2 million to Aberdeen to complete environmental investigation work at the site. Over 40 areas were identified as contaminated. It was found that soil contamination exceeding applicable remediation standards generally included: petroleum hydrocarbons (PHC), volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs/SVOCs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and metals. The contamination appeared to be related to both the widespread placement of contaminated waste material on the site as fill and localized surface or near-surface discharges of contaminants.

In 2014, Aberdeen selected RPM Development Group to construct an affordable housing project on the site, called Hudson Ridge. From 2015-2017, the HDSRF program awarded grants in the amount of $3.8 million to this project for environmental cleanup work. This funding award was critical to moving the site to full redevelopment.

The Hudson Ridge project began construction in the fall of 2016. It was a $44 million redevelopment, located approximately one mile from the Aberdeen-Matawan train station, that created approximately 140 construction jobs. It includes 145 residential units that offer age-restricted housing, as well as rental units that give preference to households impacted by Hurricane Sandy. A third building was constructed as a 2,500-square foot community center available for use by all Aberdeen residents. All buildings are LEED certified at high levels, pursuing Gold or Platinum. In addition, an 8-acre conservation area adjacent to the Gravelly Brook, which was impacted by activities of the former metals facility, was remediated and restored. Moreover, the project was designed to promote physical fitness as it provides direct access to the Hudson Trail.

NJDEP Commissioner Catherine McCabe attended a ribbon-cutting event at the location (pictured below) in October 2018 to celebrate the successful completion of the Hudson Ridge Development. The former industrial site was idle for years and the transformation of the abandoned property into residential housing with open space and additional community features demonstrates the commitment the NJDEP and Aberdeen have toward brownfield redevelopment.

ASTSWMO Remembers Rita Kottke

Rita Kottke, Ph.D., of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), passed away October 16th, 2018 after a long battle with cancer. Dr. Kottke was a past member of the ASTSWMO Federal Facilities Subcommittee and was very supportive of ASTSWMO’s mission. She oversaw DEQ’s Remediation Unit which includes Superfund, Brownfields, Voluntary Cleanup, and Site Cleanup Assistance Programs. She was heavily involved in the formulation of DEQ's Brownfields Program. She had been with the State of Oklahoma for 25 years. She held a Doctorate in Environmental Sciences from Oklahoma State University and was a Certified Public Manager®.


ASTSWMO would like to recognize the following members who are retiring in December and January after 30+ years of State service.

Vonnie Kallemeyn (SD), retiring December 8.

Marjorie Crofts (DE), retiring December 24.

Scott Anderson (UT), retiring December 28.

Paul Zahn (UT), retiring January 1.

Duane Mortensen (UT), retiring January 15.


2019 Team Registration

Registration for 2019 ITRC technical teams will open on December 3, 2018. Technical team topics include 1,4-Dioxane, Advanced Site Characterization Tools, Harmful Cyanobacteria Blooms, In Situ Optimization, Incremental Sampling Methodology, and PFAS. Learn more about the teams here.

PFAS Training Classes

The ITRC PFAS team has planned a series of training events led by experts from state and federal agencies, academia, and private industry. The training events will explore the key elements for characterizing and managing PFAS impacted sites. The next two PFAS training classes will be in Grand Rapids, MI on December 13, 2018 and in Atlanta, GA on January 10, 2019.

State and federal environmental and health agencies, tribes, local governments, communities and others interested in learning about PFAS are encouraged to attend. The training events are FREE for state and federal employees, academics, and public stakeholders. Travel scholarships are available for state staff in limited quantity for each of the events. Learn more and register here.

2019 Annual Meeting Save the Date

The ITRC Annual Meeting will be in Boston, MA on March 25-28, 2019. Registration will open in December on the ITRC website, and all are invited to attend!


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