My Journey billy Bowley

I went to the coast of the Cicones and killed the men who tried to fight me and my men. We took their plunder and enslaved their women. We were far outnumbered and we were forced back onto our ship and back to sea again. There were six benches left empty on the ship as the rest of us escaped death.
We came to the coastline of the Lotus Eaters. They showed no harm to us and they only offered Sweet Lotus Flowers to me and my men. Those of my men who ate the flower, stayed forgetful and careless. I called them all back to the ship and instructed them not to eat the Lotus. We then carried on out to sea.
I was curious and wished to explore this cave we came across. The cyclops entered and we all ran to the far wall. He killed two of my men and ate them whole. He ate a big feast and took a nap and then we decided to take action. We stabbed him in his eye and we were able to escape only with two casualties.
After our encounter with the cyclops, We came across the island of Aeolia. There, I met the god of wind, Aeolus, and he gives me a bag. The bag is filled with stormy winds. I instructed my men not to touch it, but when I was sleeping, one of my men opened the bag, hoping to find treasure, blows our ship back to Aeolia.
We arrived on the island of the Laestrygonians and were attacked by giant cannibals. All of our ships but one are destroyed, along with its crews.
We found an open glade and a stone house, The Hall of Circe, and lions and wolves lay there but did not attack. On my way there, Hermes gives me a plant that will weaken Circe's spell. Realizing that her spell hadn't affected me, she freed my men. We asked for aid in returning home. She informed us to travel to the Land of the Dead.
I learned of my destiny while in the Land of the Dead. I was to live but all of my crew was to die. I saw my mother and learned that she took her own life. I was then instructed to return to Circe once more.
I went back to Circe once again but not for long. Me and my men were to continue on our journey.
We first passed the siren, who are beautiful women who sing beautiful songs. Their melodies must be blocked with bees wax or else we would be enchanted to never desire to return home. We next encountered Scylla, a six headed monster we found in a cave who killed six of my men. We lastly ran into they Charybdis. Three times from dusk to dawn she spews up the tide and then sucks it down three times. If you came across her, the god who who makes earth tremble could not help you. Stay close to the wall of Scylla and take your ship through.
I urged my crew to stop at Thrinakia, The Island of the Sun God Helios. Nobody shall touch the god's cattle. He gave us red wine and bread, and fighting their cravings, my men obeyed and did not touch the cattle. Hunger struck them and they went up and down the shore searching for fish to eat. We set sail again and zeus punishes us and sends down a thunderbolt destroying our ship and killing all the rest of my men. I was the only one to survive.
Still at sea, I remained exhausted and nearly drowned, but I was able to make my way to Calypso's island. I stayed there for seven years, but she set me free one day because of a request from the gods. She provided me with a raft and provisions necessary to make it home safely.


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