Stock Market Portfolio By antonio vergara

Stage one

We chose our initial companies to invest in. I chose Apple Inc., Nike, and The Coca-Cola Company. We needed to find the ticker symbol of each company, a description of the products/services that the company provides, their trade value, the range, its dividens per share and PE ratio, EPS and we had to write a short summary on why we decided to invest in these companies.

Stage two

We recorded all our stocks we bought, sold and traded. We had to record the date and how much money we had. How much we bought the stocks for and how much we sold them for. We had to put the Stock Exchange names.

Stage three

In conclusion, the stock project went well for me. The stocks I have right now are Disney, Adobe, Netflix, Altisource Asset Management, Coca Cola, Yum, Infoblox and Isle de Capri Casinos. The best companies in my portfolio are Netflix Inc. and Altisource Asset Management. Isle of Capri Casinos had a big growth and went all the way to 40.72 on the stock market. This helped me bring up my game because I wasn’t doing very good. I started improving around the 13 of October even though I went down for some days. Now I am 8th and I have 3.12 as my return. The worst stock that I have is Isle of Capri Casinos right now even though it was doing really well.

I also had to make some changes during the project. I started with Coca Cola Company, Nike Inc., and Apple and through time I bought many other companies. I also had to sell some that weren’t doing well like Apple, GoPro, Nike Inc., FeDex (exception) and Momenta Pharmaceuticals.

I would like to have bigger companies that make more profit and help me win more money. I still have one or two companies that are on red, which means that they are not doing as good but the majority is on green which means that they are making profit.

Stage four (final stage)

My final reflection is that I invested very well in my companies. I should have sold some earlier and I had some that I should never have sold. For my first time doing this I did a good job overall. Next time I will try to invest in less companies and not waste my money from the start. I liked this project very much and look forward to doing more activities like this in the future.


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