Hi. I'm Vincent "a trader at heart"

a little bit about me

I'm originally from Oklahoma and currently attending Cal State Fullerton for Finance. I graduate in Spring 2019 and plan to take the CFA 1 Exam in June 2019. I love photography, videography, and making websites. I've had many career paths and interests over time but am mostly fascinated with the stock market and find myself constantly learning more and more about it.

Pre-Med, Pre-Whaatt?

The Best Neurologists I've ever worked for: Dr. Thai, Dr. Hermanowicz, Dr. Phillip, Dr. Morenkova, Dr. Brin (note that not all of the doctors are in this picture)

Before going into the Finance field I thought I wanted to be involved in the Medical Field. I was originally pre-med and attended a private college whilst community college. After graduating I worked for the UC Irvine Health Neurology department. It was hard, fast-paced work but very rewarding. For 2 years, I helped triage and room patients for 5 brilliant Neurologists. Unfortunately, my interest in the medical field subsided, and I decided to pursue a different interest.

My decision brought me to something a little more creative. I bought my first camera pursued freelance work. I taught myself everything from how to work a camera to photoshop to building a website to invoicing clients. I made several mistakes dealing with clients but gained very valuable lessons in communication and business.

Working for myself was hard, yes, but oh so satisfying.

I now only do freelance work as a hobby and have discontinued my website. Here are some of my favorite picks from a few recent photoshoots.

Amber, Sarah, Morgan

As time progressed I found myself trying to leverage my time so I created an online e-course. I believed trading didn't have to be complicated.

"Trading is simple."

It was a 16 lesson course that meticulously broke down my trading strategy and thought process. The indicators were basic but my interpretation of them is what added value.

There were over 150+ chart breakdowns and 16 video lessons to compliment.

But complacency stuck again and I soon found out that running an online business wasn't my passion either.

Click the button to see what the front page of the website looked like before I discontinued my service.

Finance Path

I learned a lot about internet marketing and how hard it was to sell something. I think the most valuable lesson I gained was from making the e-course. I had to take everything I taught myself - as a freelancer, website creator, and trader - and break it down for someone else to understand. Teaching required full understanding of the concepts and clear communication, and even though I was teaching, I was learning too.

I also learned that I love the stock market and can't get enough of it.

"I think I found it."
"You know you like something when you love to read textbooks about it."

I like finance textbooks, and yes, I actually read them.

So I began venturing into the path of finance and world markets! Boy was it a tough field, but I couldn't resist its intricate complexities. It's so fascinating how anything could cause a chain reaction or ripple effect in the market. I found that college alone wasn't enough, and I needed something a little more challenging. I wanted to learn from the best!

Ok, fine...

Maybe I was a little quick to jump the gun but hey! I think I'm a pretty good candidate! So check out my LinkedIn below and see what I've got to offer! I promise you won't be disappointed.

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Vincent Nguyen

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