Art Forum Newsletter May 2017

The birds above are called Bee Eaters and I have a love- hate relationship with them. They are one of most beautiful birds on the planet, yet they eat bees, which are beneficial. How can something so beautiful be so destructive? If we look closely, and are completely honest, this destructive beauty is all around us. Forest Fires, Hurricanes, Decay...they are all incredibly beautiful visually, but destructive. There are, of course reasons for these in the natural world (that's the world that us puny humans don't mess up). Fires clean the brush out of the forest and create a healthier eco-system. High Winds clear the dead wood out of trees and topple the less healthy specimens. And Decay helps to break down dying matter into soil to feed the new generations of plant life.

So why am I bringing all this up? Because if we look with artistic eyes, we can find the beauty in Destruction. We can tie it up into our art without prejudice. Think of images that might normally make you squirm and find the beauty in them.

Art Forum Up-Coming Shows

May- Sam Bonds

June- Allann Bros.

October- Lincoln Gallery

December- Townshend's Tea House

We are asking everyone to supply their own tags. Here is the layout for them. The font is Times New Roman, Name and Title in size 16. Media and price size 14. The size of the tag is 2 inches by 3.5 inches (the size of a standard business card). Printed on white card stock or heavy white paper. We're trying to come up with a template, but it's beyond my computer skills just now.


Side Street Gallery - Miniature Show

April 29-30, 2017 12:00 - 4:45 drop off. (Show is May 5th)

6x6 sells for $30, Artist gets $25

12x12 sells for $60, Artist gets $50

Needs removable sticker with name on the back of the piece.

Contact Lisa, Side Street Gallery, 140 S.E. 28th Ave. Portland


Field Trip to Sidestreet Gallery and Portland Museum- April 30th

After we deliver our art to Side St Gallery (optional) for their Miniature show (see above), we will stop and admire art at the Portland Art Museum. Admission is $19. Right now we have 1 driver with car, let Patricia ( know if you're willing to drive, of course we'll be chipping for gas.


Fire on the Water - Dragon Boat Art Show

Held in conjunction with the Dragon Boat Races and sanctioned as an official Rose Festival event. Andrea sold a piece here last year. A beautiful show.

Submissions are due May 8th.

Event starts June 1st and will run for one month.

For more information, contact Alea Bone (


So Small Benefit Art Show

Start making small art to donate for the OSLP Benefit. All pieces need to be 9 square inches or less. Since they so generously allow us to use their space for our meetings, I hope all of you will contribute. This will be held on May 30th, 6-8pm More information is HERE.


Art N Action

Susan Detroy is selling pins and notecards with proceeds going to political groups.

Buy your pins and notecards here-

Proceeds have gone to Indigenous Environmental Network and Civil Defense Fund, supporting Standing Rock.

In April She will send proceed funds to Daily Action, the organization that sends texts for political action. I have found the action to be effective and it is produced by a woman who was moved to change politics.

Workshops and Classes

The Layering/Deepening Vision Workshop at Whiteaker Printmakers is scheduled for Saturday, May 6th.

The workshop will include instruction and time to create using transfer and lift techniques.

Transfers are made from paper to paper and paper to wood.

There may be more techniques included as workshop plans solidify.

The link at Whit Print currently has images that were used for the flyer October 2016.



The monthly challenge is optional. Members may use this opportunity to stretch themselves and create something out of their comfort zone or they may bring another piece that is unrelated to the theme for "show and tell". The theme for May is "Egypt".

The April theme was "Light"

My apologies, but I don't know who created this one.

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