Alexander The Great By : Paytton Koutsoupias

Alexander the Great was born in Mesopotamia in 356 B.C. His parents are Kind Philip the second and Queen Olympia. At age eighteen, he became the cavalry commander. At age twenty, he became king. At age twenty-six, he became the conqueror of the Persian Empire. At age thirty, he became an explorer of the Indian frontier. And at age thirty-two of his short life, he died right before his thirty-third birthday from Malaria.

During Alexander's life, he was tutored by Aristotle. When his father died, Alexander garnered support from the Macedonian Army, and eliminated his enemies to become the king and ruler of the Corinthian league. Alexander conquered Persia and Egypt while his kingdom there ranged from the Mediterranean sea to the border of India.

Alexander the Great's tomb was one of the biggest tourist attractions of the ancient world. Roman emperors such as : Pompey, Julius Caesar, and Caligula traveled to Alexandria to pay respects to Alexander. Augustus was reportedly overwhelmed during his visit that he accidentally broke the nose off Alexander the Great's mummy while laying a wreath down at his grave.

Alexander the Great was known as one of history's brilliant military leaders and most powerful rulers.


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