And Then The Sky Exploded David A. Poulsen

A church, Christian's home, and school. The church would be crowded because there was a funeral, hot, and uncomfortable. Home would be a bit messy, as on a few things such as paper is on the floor, and is silent, because no one is talking. School is big, with a bunch of classrooms, the outside is has a big open football field with brown benches on the side.
Anna Fernicola Middle School is where Chris goes to school. I think that the middle school would look a but like the one that I go to. Many classrooms, a large football field, the lunchroom would be smaller, not so many side walks, and the campus being is smaller.
October 16 2015. This makes me feel a bit chilly, but not quite cold. I would imagine that the leaves are at the edge of turning a different color. The sky is a bit cloudy, with some wind. The trees are losing the leaves letting them fall to the ground.
The geography/environment from my book is what I believe, just like where I live. Building, trees growing on the sidewalk. The only difference is that they have seasons. The current weather is Autumn, chilly, has breezes, and a faint color of orange beginning to appear.
The population I believe from reading section is densely populated. The city where Chris lives makes me think of where I live now. I don't think that there is much different when it comes with what kinds of people live there from here.
The person Donald Trump was mentioned in the book. The book stated that he (Donald Trump), was Chris's least favorite person.
The overall mood that I received when I read section 1 is sad and frustrating. The reasons why I say this is because Chris's great-grandpa died, and Lorelei keeps making fun of him because of it. She says that his great-grandpa was involved with the Manhattan Project, which was a group that made an atomic bomb that killed thousands of people in Hiroshima.
When Chris's and the rest of his family were outside of the funeral, people across the street began shouting mean things about them and how they are all happy that Chris's great-grandpa is dead. When Chris was at school that is where he was humiliated by Lorelei.


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