STORIED & Pop Japan Works by Katherine Leung and JU Salvant | Pieces curated by Vincent X. Torres | On display from October 4th until December 14th

Exhibit Reception and Opening

Thursday, October 4, 2018, 6pm | Asian American Resource Center

Hear from the artists and curators! Complementary refreshments will be served. Free and open to the public.

STORIED featuring the works of JU Salvant and Katherine Leung


Stories of heritage have inspired artists Katherine Leung and JU Salvant to create vibrant bodies of work. Tuvan culture is reflected in Leung’s Faces of Central Texas as she incorporates the folklore of golden light gods in her paintings of her Asian American friends while Salvant draws upon the personal history of a young girl’s journey from Vietnam to America and created a stunning visual story, Red Sky in the Morning. Both artists bring relevance to these narratives as they highlight the importance of remembering the journey of a culture whether fable or historical.

Storied is a part of the Asian American Resource Center’s Community Exhibition Program (CEP).

Red Sky in the Morning

Inspired by Lili Blackard’s personal journey, JU Salvant created a series of paintings that tell the story of a young girl’s journey from Vietnam to America. Reflecting on iconic photographic images of the Vietnam War era and interviews with Blackard, the artist captured scenes of life in war-time Saigon, the voyage across the turbulent South China Sea, and the Malaysian refugee camp where Lili spent a year waiting for asylum in the United States. The paintings from this exhibit are illustrated in the book, Red Sky in the Morning, by Elizabeth Buhmann.

About the artist

JU Salvant is a well-known and widely respected watercolorist. Her paintings and drawings are found in the art collections of two former US presidents, congressmen, governors, and a former first lady, as well as in numerous private and commercial collections. Salvant has also illustrated a number of books, including three history books published by the University of Texas Press.
Faces of Central Texas

Leung’s experience teaching in Russia broadened her knowledge of its great diversity and vast cultures, some with similar appearances to her own. In Faces of Central Texas, the artist specifically draws upon the Tuvan folklore of Scythians, tall glowing sun gods, and reflects this mystical heritage in the portraits she creates of her Asian American friends.

About the Artist

Katherine Leung is an Austin native who currently lives and teaches elementary aged children in San Jose, California. She works with acrylic paint and watercolor. Her paintings pursue Asian American identity through adult themes. She has exhibited her work in Austin, San Antonio, San Jose, and San Francisco.

A group exhibition curated by Vincent X. Torres, Pop Japan depicts an array of notable characters from Japanese television, film, anime, and manga that have left their mark on popular culture.

About the Collaborators and Curator

The Austin Toy Museum is a local non-profit organization dedicated to the love of vintage toys, arcade games and consoles. In addition to educational tours, the museum also offers a range of events from resin casting workshops and Street Fighter tournaments to 80’s karaoke nights. Museum Executive Director, Caleb Zammit has curated a selection of Japanese toys and games specifically for the AARC.


Torres is one half of the artist group known as Half-Human, as well as the Gallery Director of Guzu Gallery in Austin, Texas.

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Photos by JU Salvant, Katherine Leung, Austin Toy Museum, and Vincent X. Torres.