Is Graffiti Art? BY: kamal barake

Graffiti can be considered art in special occasions.

When is Graffiti not Art?

Graffiti is not art when it is drawn in a:

  • Public Statue
  • A memorial
  • Churches or religious statues
  • graves
  • Gardens

Where can graffiti be drawn?

Graffiti can be drawn on murals where people are allowed to draw like the one located at Bogota, and they can even draw on walls that are broken and nobody cares about.

If you look at it in the way I just explained it to you can consider graffiti art in some cases, but if you look at it from the point of view of a politician, or a police officer would they consider it art?

Police Officers

Police officers usually arrest the graffiti artist in countries where drawing graffiti is illegal. So if you look at it from their perspective they would just consider it vandalism and consider that the artist is just damaging city property to make a statement. So it would not be considered art.


Governments usually spend billions of dollars to erase graffiti, so they would just consider that they are wasting a lot of money to erase this and people will just continue to do it. So if you look at it from his perspective he would not consider it art.

The Question "Is Graffiti Art" has caused people to fight amongst themselves, and has even caused the death of innocent people like it happened in Bogota.

After learning this do you consider graffiti art?


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