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Anupam Menon : Aspiring copywriter, Imagineer, Storyteller, Struggling Musician, Amateur photographer.

I am part time musician, full time hobbyist, self proclaimed conversationalist and a musically inclined aesthete. The award winning Happydent TVC by Mccann India, helped me discover the infinite storytelling potential in advertising and gave birth to my romantic relationship with kingdom of consumer insights.

Below you'll find a set of posters that I had created to promote a fictitious book lending library.

To read a few of my writing samples click on the button below.

This is a TVC that we had created for a competition in college.

Brand: LYF Mobiles

Brief: To create a campaign introduce the product to the masses and position the brand as an aspirational one.

Brand: Idem Watches

Brief: To create a TVC for a fictitious brand that is aspirational in nature.

We chose to create a watch brand and this is the TVC that was made for the product.

A few pictures I've clicked as a part of my course in college.

Created by : Anupam Menon

Created By
Anupam Menon

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