Religion Travels By: Ashley Jenkins

The Great Stupa, Sanchi (left) - Kadupul Flower(right)

On July 14th last summer, I traveled to Sanchi and went to see The Great Stupa. This is surprisingly a giant mound of dirt with stone and clay built around and on top of it. As a representation of the Buddha and the path to Enlightenment, the Stupa brings great peace to the believers of Buddhism when worshipping this sacred site that supposedly contains some of the ashes, therefore the body of the Buddha. Visiting this amazing mountain opened my eyes to how different places around the world can be.

While in Sanchi touring the sites everywhere I noticed many Kadupuls, a species of cactus and one of the most cultivated species in the genus. It is a white-yellow flower, even though it appears mainly as white, rare flower that comes from Sri Lanka where it gets its name the Kadupul flower or the Flower from Heaven.

Vinkateswara Temple, Tirumala (left) - Kashmir Valley (right)

On my next day of my exploration, June 15th, I went to Tirumala, India the town that holds the Vinkateswara Temple. This temple is a sacred worship site for many Hindi people and a big attraction site in India. The Vinkateswara Temple is a symbol of the Hindu god, Vishnu.

The Kashmir Valley is bounded Southwest by the Pir Panjal Range and Northeast by the Himalayas in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is the only Hindu community left that is native to the Kashmir Valley.

Westminister Abbey, London(left)- Christ the Redeemer, Brazil (right)

Day 3 and I had the best experience on my trip so far! I traveled to London and got to see one of the most famous churches, Westminister Abbey. This church is a very big attraction to many people from anywhere in the world for observation and prayers.

Christ the Redeemer is a giant statue of Christ that is at the border of Rio De Janeiro and represents the open arms of the Lord. It weighs 635 metric tons and stands at 98 feet tall and the arms stretch 92 feet wide. There were so many tourists and worshippers whenever I went to visit this beautiful piece of art.

Jewish Palestine

For my fourth day of religious travels, I went to a sacred site of the Juddaism religion. The followers of this religion are very dedicated because when I went to tour the wonderful Palestine there were so many people!!

The Temple Mount is a holy site to many of the Jewish people. It has been standing for many years representing the beliefs and stories that the Jewish followers have learned throughout their lives.

Shia Islam

For my final day of exploration, had to do with the Islam religion and their worship rituals. I had never known much about the Islam religion and how it worked until I came here. It was a great experiance as well as this whole trip has been to experiance new things and new places.


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