Juvenile Delinquents By Arnav p, April P, Briana M, Namit N, Ruthrapathy P

Bob Sheldon Found Dead in the Park: Suspects Ran Away

Teen Found Dead In Local Park

Teenager Bob Sheldon was recently killed in a local park. Witnesses from the attack accuse sixteen-year-old Johnny Cade of being the murderer from this attack. Johnny went missing, along with fourteen-year-old Ponyboy Curtis, later that day. We spoke with friends of the people involved, and the information we gained was shocking. Randy Adderson, a witness of the crime and Bob’s closest friend, confirmed that the crime was self-defense, and that Johnny is in fact acquitted. Darrel and Sodapop Curtis, the family of Ponyboy, claim to be very confused as to why their younger brother would ever do something like what he did. They had no awareness of the murder or escape, and are both worried about their family and friend. Investigators are currently searching for the two disappearing teens, but are yet to find any clues of where they might be. We spoke to Dallas Winston, a friend of Johnny and Ponyboy, and also a juvenile delinquent, but he refused to tell us any information about where they could possibly be, claiming he did not know, however, many believe getting Dallas to talk is possibly the only way to find where the attackers have escaped to. The whole crime has left many people, families and friends, devastated, and some left in a stupor, and it was very unfortunate for the people involved. Stay tuned for more updates on this event.


Obituary For Johnny Cade Delinquent to Hero

Johnny Cade, the boy who gallantly ran into a burning church to save the kids, died on October 13, 1967. Johnny didn’t have a very happy family, but he always had his friends to turn to. Johnny Cade was only sixteen years old when he and his best friend Ponyboy Curtis ran into a burning church to save little kids. Johnny suffered from 3rd degree burns and a broken back. A few days later, Johnny Cade sadly died. Johnny didn’t just turn a hero; he has always been a hero to his friends. His funeral will be on October 27.

Johnny Cade a young teen who has abusive parents and is not very wanted by his parents. So he spends most of his time with his friends(Ponyboy and The Outsiders Gang).

Interview With Darrel Curtis

If you made a device to contact those who passed away, who would you talk to and why?

What is it like to take care of your two brothers at once?

If nobody were to stand by you and convince you to stay with the greasers, would you still join the Socs?

If there is one thing you can change about any of your brothers, what would it be?

Given that you are the man in charge of your household, are the responsibilities of parents difficult to handle?

If there was anybody you know that you would want to switch personalities with, whom would you choose?

Did you have a dream that you couldn’t fulfill because you had to take care of your younger siblings? If so, what dream?

It is said that daily smoking can cause major diseases. How do you make sure that this isn’t a problem for your gang even though they smoke a lot often?

Are there particular interests for your whole gang to enjoy? Can you name some of them?

Other than your greased hair, what are certain characteristics about your gang that rarely anybody can notice right away?

If you were told to write a book or make a movie about your personal life, how would you want it to be like? What timeframe would it be in? Etc.

What contribution do your siblings make in your daily life. For example, raising money to pay taxes, roles in your family, or as simple as your entertainment.

Now that you are taking care of your brothers, do you think your bond for them has grown stronger day-by-day?

Is being part of a gang for you a correct lifestyle for you? Why? If so, why do you recommend your younger siblings to live this kind of lifestyle?

If you sense one of your gang members in danger, how do you think of a solution to get them out of danger right away. Is this a habit of yours to do this?

Book Review

The Outsiders by SE Hinton is a splendid book that has a good cluster of eye watering and heart warming moments. Overall I would rate this book a 4.3 since it is very good and easily passes 4 stars, but it isn’t the best book ever so it doesn’t go past 4.5 stars. This book displays slight violence, a couple of deaths, and some extreme moments which wouldn’t be recommended for students under 10 years of age. This also has rude humor . I really likes the part when the three brothers see each other from their perspective and they understand each other more. Though there are many themes referred in this book the two that stood out to me was “ Don’t judge a book by its cover” and “ Loyalty calls for extreme measures” . In the book on of the characters goes extreme measures and risk himself being killed to save his friend, this shows loyalty in a whole new. The Socs always discriminate the Greaser since they think they are dumb and that they are meant to live in the reformatory, but that are some smart people in the Greaser too like Darry and Ponyboy. i would recommend this to all students above ten since it is very interesting and fun book to read.


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