Pegbar Irish Animation Networking since 2008


Pegbar is an amazing animation networking organisation set up in Ireland circa 2008. Pegbar has hosted some of the best animation talks, events, parties and community activities for animation in Ireland over the last decade and have partnered up with many creative bodies to boost the animation community and promote its work.

Various Events 2008 - 2019

As COVID 19 has its grips on the world, we are reducing everything back to a limited online social presence and will be looking at reinventing how Pegbar can contribute to Animation Artists in Ireland at our 2021 AGM. In the meantime, please follow us on the following platforms:

A big shout out and special thanks to all the companies that have sponsored us, partnered with us, contributed talks with us and the various different members of the Pegbar team that volunteered their time to foster a creative animation community in Ireland.

Created By
Daniel Spencer