Charles Darwin Max meyer period 2

YEAR 1831, 1. The Mount Darwin found that his uncle's letter had done the trick, and his father allowed him to go on the voyage. 2. FitzRoy told Darwin that the other person he had offered the job to had just turn it down and he wanted to know if Darwin was still interested in the position. He enthusiastically accepted the offer and FitzRoy outlined the details of the voyage. Darwin learned that the sail date had been postponed until 10 Octobe r
.The chart room was nine feet by eleven feet and had five feet of generous headroom. The walls were lined with bookshelves, cabinets, an oven and a wash stand. To make matters worse, the mizzenmast came up through the floor and a large four foot by six foot chart table sat in the middle of the room .After a few delays, H.M.S. Beagle headed out from Plymouth with a crew of 73 under clear skies and a good wind. Darwin became sea-sick almost immediately.
Year 1832.The ship arrived at the port of Santa Cruz, Tenerife Island. The crew was prevented from going ashore due to a cholera outbreak in England. They would have to wait out a quarantine period of twelve days but Capt. FitzRoy would not be delayed and gave orders for the ship to proceed.The Beagle arrived at Santiago in the Cape Verde Islands, and anchored at Porto Praya. Darwin went ashore and explored for a few days. Here he made his first "discovery,"
YEAR 1832, The cliff face was at one time under water. Darwin wondered how it ended up forty-five feet above the sea? He noted that the line was not even horizontal, but varied in height.This supported Lyell's theory of a world slowly changing over a great period of time. The ship stayed at the island for twenty-three days.
Year 1832, Darwin was devastated at missing the chance to see the island of his dreams, and watched Tenerife fade off into the horizon.
Year 1833, A mission was started at Woolya Cove just off the Beagle Channel in Tierra del Fuego. Revd. Richard Matthews and three anglicized Fuegians stayed behind to run the mission (their names were: York Minster, Jemmy Button and a female named Fuegia Basket). Small huts were built and gardens planted, and much cargo and provisions were
Year 1833, On the way back east along the Beagle channel Darwin marveled at the snow, glaciers, and icebergs. After nine days they returned to the mission and found the place looted by the native Fuegians. Darwin had doubts that savages like these could become civilized.H.M.S. Beagle arrived at the Falkland Islands at Port Louis. The British Navy had just taken over the islands from Argentina last January. A lot of surveying work was done here.
Year 1833, Capt. FitzRoy purchased a schooner to aid in his surveying work. He named it the "Adventure" after a supply ship used on the previous Beagle voyage. He did not check with the Admiralty for permission to buy the ship, however.
Year 1834, The Beagle and Adventure were now at Woolya Cove again and Capt. FitzRoy checked on the missionaries that were left behind. They found the mission completely abandoned and the gardens in ruins.On this date Darwin turned twenty-five years old and for his birthday Capt. FitzRoy named the highest mountain in the region Mt. Darwin.
Year 1834, The Beagle finally sailed around Cape Horn to the Pacific Ocean via the Strait of Magellan and the Magdalena Channel. Another packet ship arrived with mail. H.M.S. Beagle and Adventure surveyed up the coast to the island of Chiloe, Chile.The two ships arrived at Valparaiso, Chile near the city of Santiago. Darwin was very glad to be in a warmer climate and his stomach was happier to be in calmer seas
Year 1834, Darwin arrived back at Valparaiso from an inland excursion but had been very sick for the past few weeks. He stayed at Corfield's house with a bad fever and did not recover until late October.
Year 1835, A massive earthquake hit Valdivia and Darwin was right in the middle of the action. The devastation was horrible - nearly every building in the area was destroyed. While the Beagle tried to make anchorage at Concepcion Darwin was dropped off at the island of Quiriquina and while exploring around the island he found areas of land that have risen a few feet due to the earthquake.He became very excited about this find, as it was direct evidence that the Andes mountains, and indeed all of South America, were very slowly rising above the ocean.
Year 1835, Darwin worked out another Andes expedition while in the town of Santiago. The Beagle returned south to Concepcion and was engaged the next few months in investigating the effects of the earthquake.
Year 1835, At 4:00 AM Darwin started out on his Andes expedition with a Spanish speaking guide and many mules to carry provisions. He had doubts about making it to the top of the Andes due to snow blocking the mountain passes. He headed towards the Portillo Pass; one of the two clear routes to the Andes during this time of the year
Year 1836, H.M.S. Beagle arrived at Sydney Harbor, Australia.
Year 1836, Darwin started on a 130 mile inland trip to Bathurst, New South Wales. Along the way he made observations of the wildlife and was so astonished by the creatures he saw (namely, the odd-looking platypus) that he surmised there must have been a separate creation just for these odd creatures.
Year 1836,H.M.S. Beagle finally arrived home after a voyage of four years, nine months, five days. They docked at Falmouth, England, at night during a storm. Darwin set off immediately for home.


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