Jesus-Centered Life youth devotion no.09

From Knowing About to Knowing

Sometimes we pray in silence—kind of a “date” conversation with Jesus, where it’s just “you and me.” And sometimes we pray out loud, so others can hear. This is more like a “group date,” where it’s “you and us.” In his High Priestly Prayer (John 17), Jesus tells his Father out loud, with his disciples gathered near, that he’s accomplished everything he’s been given to do, and that things are about to get better for them because he’s about to leave. Why is Jesus praying out loud, and why would he speak so positively about leaving his followers?

I’d rather be with the people I love than away from them. But here Jesus almost can’t wait to leave, because that means the people he loves will “get” him more fully than they have so far. He wants them (and us) to know that our longing to know him more deeply can happen only if he “hands the baton” to the Holy Spirit. On the road to Emmaus, two of his disciples prove that much of what the Good Shepherd Jesus tried to get across to his sheep hadn’t really “stuck.” They’d heard him, lived with him, and watched him, but they hadn’t yet been transformed by him. One crucial step was left: to move from an outside influence to an inside influence. And that’s why the Holy Spirit is so necessary. The Spirit makes it possible for us to move from knowing about Jesus to knowing Jesus. This is knowing in the “biblical sense”—it’s our most intimate act.

Living It Out

This is an easy little adventure, but one you’ll likely forget to do unless you do something drastic. We’ll give you some ideas about that in a second, but first the “adventure.”

If you’re reading this book, you likely have some connection to a church (good for you—-give yourself a little golf clap). Chances are, every time you go to youth group you learn ABOUT God, Jesus, and the Bible. So, just for the next month, approach youth group a little differently. No matter what you’re learning about, ask Jesus to help you use that information to actually know him better.

Learning about the Ten Commandments? How can you know Jesus better as a result?

Learning about peer pressure? How can you know Jesus better as a result?

So you don’t forget to do this, do something drastic to remind yourself. Here are a few ideas:

Write “Know Jesus” on your bathroom mirror using a bar of soap.

Ask your mom to send you a text-message during the day that simply says, “Know Jesus.” + happy emoji.

Write “Know Jesus” on a piece of masking tape and and tape it to your arm. Then start reading the book of John in the Bible. As you read glance over at your arm occasionally and remember...it’s ultimately about KNOWING JESUS!