What My Values Look Like By: Christin Davis

What Country I Want To Live In

I want to stay in the U.S.

The Residence I Want To Live In

I want to live somewhere where I have a lot of my own land.


I plan on just using my Chevy truck wherever I go.


I plan on traveling a lot so that I can take great pictures for my job as a Photographer. Everywhere I go, my dogs are coming with me. I don't really wanna be married right away and i don't want kids. so it'll just be me and my dogs.


I plan on most likely wearing the same clothes I wear today unless I'm going somewhere important. Then I will dress fancier or nicer.


I'm going to have my own house with one pitbull and one rottweiler.


I will be a professional Photographer. That's the biggest reason why I want to live in the country. I can take beautiful pictures of the scenery around me.


My hobbies include walking in the woods, playing with my dogs, playing basketball once in a while, listening to music, and taking photos.


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