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Romania's Features include the Romanian Carpathians, Eastern Carpathians, and Southern Carpathians. 31% mountains, 33% and plains 36%. The land features do not affect people's living style.

One of the main points of interest/landmarks in Romania is the Peles Castle, which was a lavish castle built in 1874, it is important to the Romanian people because they had a king who was buried their, several years after the castle reached completion.

The Romanians speak the language-well, Romanian of course!! Some examples of it are Hi-Buna, you-tu, and what in the world?-Ceea ce in lume.

Romania is located in between Serbia, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.

Romania's main religion is Eastern Orthodox, and 81.04% of the population claims the religion.

The Romanian's main food source is meat, such as beef, pork, and/or lamb. Their favorite type is a dish called a Romanian Cuisine, which also has lamb, pork, or beef in it.

The favorite and treasured sport in Romania is football, (NOT AMERICAN)(Soccer), Romania has a football team, and plays against the entire continent of Europe for championships.

Romania's main music type is Doburjan, and they also have a dance to go along with it. They say it's very different from other types of Romanian music/dances.

The Romanians had several different types of housings, and different levels of comfort of each. A type of house, eg. a duplex, which was actually an apartment on two floors, in a house with an interior staircase. It often includes a 100 square metres.

In Romania, the men wear shirts and sashes, and the women wear long flowing dresses.

The Romanian government forms half of the country's Executive branch, (the other being the Romanian President), and the head of the government is the president, Klaus Lohannis.

Romanian history: In 1463, Vlad Dracula becomes prince of Romania, or as it was known then, Transylvania, in later years he is taken by the Turks, breaks free, then flees back to Transylvania, in later years he was assassinated. 1703-1711, the Romanians went to war with the Habsburgs, sadly, their attempt failed. In 1859, the modern Romania was established, and in 1914, the Romanians fought in WW1, and on the Allied side. In August 28, 1916, Germany declared war on Romania. Unluckily, in the same year, Bulgaria declared war on Romania on September 1. In 1941, during WW2, Romania fought Germany against the Soviet Union. They are not currently in war with other countries.

There are many greats in Romanian history, but a few include Carol 1, who was the first Romanian King, after Romania aqcuired full independence under his leadership. Mahai Viteazul, a prince who achieved the first union of Wallachia, Transylvania, and Moldovia, which were inhabited mostly by Romanians.

One famous person from Romania is Sebastain Stan, who played Bucky in Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Captain America, Civil War. Mircea Eliade, a famous author wrote about religion, fiction, and he was a professor. C.T.C. was a Romanian hip-hop band formed by random people from different bands. They were Romania renowned.

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