Tarte aux Pommes A Beautiful Rose Amid a Million Apple Slices

La Belle Rose

Meet our French apple tart, one with a rose set amid a million apple slices. The French call it Tarte aux Pommes Rosace — a meditative arrangement of thin, evenly-cut apples layered so delicately close, they radiate with an irresistible beauty and inspire a warmth in the heart.

Simple Elegance

We constructed our tart-shell in a traditional, straight-sided French tart ring to give our Tarte aux Pommes a nice, clean aesthetic of simplicity and elegance.

Kissed with Fine Butter

Our tart dough — a traditional pâte sucrée — is enriched with fine Normandy butter and showcases a technique called fraisage — smearing all the ingredients with the heel of the hand in a meditative, repetitive way for a dough that's uniform and smooth.

The result? A light, flaky tart shell, someone once said, Just like butter cookie!

The beginnings of patience . . .

2mm-thin slices tucked into their cosy spots

Meditations on a rose . . .

Browned-at-the Edges

We give a three-and-a-half-minute brûlée blast to complete our apple "rose."

Can you spot which slices are Granny Smith apples, and which are Fuji?

Precise thickness

at the base of our vanilla sablé tart shell, and the side

3mm to be exact

Spice-Kissed Apple Compote

Our compote features a blend of South African Gala and French Granny Smith, cooked gently in melted brown sugar butter with a distinctive hint of our six-spice house blend and Madagascan vanilla bean, then blitzed till smooth and thick, it mounds softly and ever so deliciously on a spoon.

La belle rose!

sings our Tarte aux Pommes Rosace

Would you bloom for me?

our baker croons


tart shell: almond flour, flour, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla

apple compote: apples, spices, brown sugar butter, lemon, vanilla


Serve at room temperature, or warm: if you'd like your tart warm, slice first, then warm the slices in an oven


Most delicious the day it is made, keeps well refrigerated for another day or two; after a day, the compote may release some moisture and the tart shell may not be as crisp

Our Happy Bowed Box

26cm x 26cm x 6cm


serves 8 to 10


delivery available

11 toh tuck road・596290

We Love It!

The tarte was absolutely lovely ! 10 upon 10 🙏🏻🌈🙏🏻 - Cheryl T.


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