MIT Bungee Bear by Mahta, Tiffany, & Isabel

To what does your group contribute the success of the group?

We contribute our success to the excel spreadsheet. The excel spreadsheet really helped us in lab 6 because when we realized our bungee did not have enough of a spring constant we were able to make adjustments. We were able to see how our adjustments would change the low point and it gave us a very accurate outcome for the drop.

To what does your group contribute the failures of the group?

Our only failure was using google sheets. We did not download it into excel so our data was completely wrong which lead to us having a hard time figuring out how to adjust our bungee since in google sheets the low point very inaccurate and the KE didn’t ever equal 0. This led to us having to take extra time outside of class to figure out how to fix it instead of being able to ask for help in class had we done it correctly the first time.

What did your group learn by doing this engineering design challenge?

Our group learned to read the directions more carefully because we had to redo labs 4, 5 and 6 the weekend before the drop all because we did not reading the correct way to download the spreadsheet. We also learned that there is a lot of preparation and steps that go into engineering the design projects. The labs taught us it is very important to make sure everything is correct before you move on or else the entire project could be wrong.

What could have your group done differently to make your project more successful?

If we did not mess up the spreadsheet and had more time we could have tested the bungee a little bit more. If we had had that extra time to test the bungee more we probably would have added a little bit more of fixed cord (around 0.1-0.2 m) so that we would’ve been able to get the low point in the 0.0-0.5 m range instead of the 0.5-1m range to get full credit in that category.

This is a photo of our bungee, we had 7 strands with 20 elastics in each strand; a total of 140 elastics

What would your group recommend to students doing this challenge in the future?

We recommend staying focused in class because when you do the lab sin class and you have questions, you can have other people besides your group members to help you, like other classmates or Mr.Cochran. This is important because each lab is given 1-2 days in class depending on the difficulty so if you fall behind, you have to make time outside of class to finish them and get help.

What about your block’s successful criteria would your group change and why

We thought the successful criteria was pretty fair, the only thing we would change is the hitting the overhang section. It is difficult to not hit the overhang because no matter how low the bear dropped because for all of the groups in our class it was very difficult for the bear to stay completely linear because of the bounces. Our group was lucky that in our third drop only the elastic hit the overhang not the bear.

This is the Video of our Best Drop


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