The Fault in Our Stars by: John Green // reviewed by: suley palacios-correa


The Fault in Our Stars is a true love novel, it expresses the ups, downs, and affection that main character, Hazel Grace, goes through living as a 16 year old in her hometown in Indianapolis fighting to live since diagnosed with cancer. By attending a support group of cancer survivors Hazel Grace meets a boy, Augustus Waters, who was also affected by cancer and a spark is created as soon as they meet. Hazel Grace being the book worm she is, requires Augustus to read a book in which she relates with the main character, Anna, due to both being diagnosed with cancer. The book doesn't give a proper ending to what occurs to Anna leading Augustus to use a wish foundation to fly Hazel and himself to Amsterdam and talk with the author, Peter Van Houten. Augustus latest body scan determined he had cancer all throughout his body when Hazel was the one who would pass away first. Hazel spent Augustus' last few months caring and loving him with all her heart, the duo started off contradicting one another but ended up being the others half through thick and thin.

The swing set and blanket of stars are places Hazel and Augustus spend time together; the cigarette is a metaphor given by Augustus; reading is Hazel's favorite thing to spare time; and love, the entire novel is based around the love of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters

Personal Review

I would recommended this novel to anyone who is looking for a romance with the right amount of cheesiness. If you have ever read any John Green book this will be another great book to add to the collection. Its a perfect mix of a dreaming love story but yet it expresses challenges every duo goes through. Its a great book to get you in your feelings and crave a significant other, you might even feel like you are in their shoes. Although it may have one or two tears falling down your face in the end it will give you the biggest smile. If you need a little something this is the best book to grab, even if you read it already, it always is unexpected. Ultimately, its one of the best novels with a marvelous eye opening story-line made for various book enthusiasts.

What Others Are Saying

"An achingly beautiful story about life and loss." - School Library Journal

"A bittersweet story of life, death and love in between." - Deseret News

"Hilarious, joyous, outrageous and utterly sad." - Scripps Howard News Service

"This is [Green's] best work yet." - Publishers Weekly

"I fell in love with the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once." - The Fault in Our Stars


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