Airstrike By alex

Last year in Northern Scotland a large bird poo was discovered. Some say it came from a bird such as a seagull but others think it was a monster or dinosaur like bird. It covered cars and the land making it seem like a land of marshmallow. Since the incident scientist have been taking DNA from the poo to find out what animal it came from, however the poo messed with the lab made it extremely radioactive so experiments were dropped. It's been a mystery since but now we are putting the clues together to get an answer.

Theory 1: The Seagull

Ever since the incident people have claimed that it was produce by an astronomically large seagull, however there is no video evidence of a seagull taking a poo this large. Some say the seagull was poisoned by radioactive substances allowing the poo to grow in size, this would also explain why the poo was so radioactive. The current largest seagull poo recorded in Scotland only covered 30m^2 of land and this covered 31113m^2 of land. This poo covered cars and any other thing it landed on.


Created with images by janmarcust - "hamburg seagull alster"

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