Chichen Itza Alex Clark - Clark_13 - Builder - Raid 7

I began Raid 7 with a blank slate and no idea where to begin. My first idea of what to build was the Parthenon in Athens.

I started outlining the floor and columns when I realized I made it completely wrong as far as proportions go and sizing. So, before I even documented any of my work, I decided to delete the world and try something else. Ultimately, I decided to create a temple in one of the largest Mayan Cities. Chichen Itza is a pyramid shape with stairs and an open room at the top. At first, it was going well. I started with 50 x 50 base. However, it ended up being closer to a 60 x 50 base due to a miscount. I decided to run with it for times sake.

I believe that this mistake actually helped create depth in the room at the top. Squares get old quick. But a mix of different sized rectangles are more aesthetic. Some other failures I saw were that I didn't plan out what I was making. I just went one step at time and built what I was thinking of that instant. I feel that I succeeded in creating the structure fairly well. It is not to scale, but it looks proportional for the most part.

If I were to do anything else to this build, I would add more structures around the main building. However, that adds a significant amount of time. It took about 30 minutes to create this build and about an hour of video processing for the time lapse.

My goal was for this video to be less choppy and more informative. But, between recording, converting, and processing the video, there was some quality loss that I couldn't prevent.

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