A Ceramic Commission Pebble cove farm


Works D, E & G

Refined Concept

Glaze selection: Light grey gloss & Dark grey lava glaze.

In keeping with the uneven nature of the coastline, I have chosen to keep Form D smaller than the others works. This will also allow for the cluster to be arranged in multiple ways. Form D will be entirely covered by light grey gloss, then lave glaze applied to the most outer areas of the piece flowing upward and downward.
Form E will first bathed in light grey gloss, then the base dipped into the lava glaze as it splatters up the form toward to gloss rim.
Also covered entirely in light grey gloss, then lave glaze will be applied generously to the cross section and fan out across the form.

All pieces will be handbuilt & manipulated stoneware forms. All works will be glazed in a manner that accentuates each forms change in direction in a hope to create movement, texture and flow.

Looking forward to your feedback

Created by Marloe Morgan Ceramics for Bryce Fitzgerald

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