KP Leadership Development 2017 Townsville Primary School

Workshop 1 - Interpretation and Generation for 5 competencies of lesson observation/walkthrough (6 March 2017)

The first session for the KP Leadership Development Programme 1 is a PD on Enhancing Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Connection to Classroom Instruction. The key outcomes for the session is designed for KPs to have a better understanding of the key competencies in the classroom observation/lesson walkthrough. The workshop is conducted by Ms Alice Aw (Retired P/MTT)

The discussion and consolidation of different facets of understanding could culminate to form a set of common language that comprises aspects of teaching practice to bring knowledge of practice from individual teachers to the fraternity within the school.

Discussions centred at the Interpretation of 5 key competencies (Reflective conversation) - Lesson Presentation, Questioning Technique, Communication, Monitoring and Assessment, Classroom Management

Divergence in understanding - possible interpretation and ideas (Generative conversation)

Convergence of interpretation and ideas - Clustering of interpretation, Prioritizing and ranking, Emergence of new knowledge/learning

Summary of the consolidated learning from Workshop 1
Workshop 2

Workshop 2 - Interpretation and Generation for Competencies for Lesson Planning - 17 April 2017 (Monday)

Discussions centred on Interpretation of Competency for Lesson Planning - (Reflective conversation), Subject Mastery & Knowledge of curriculum (Identifying learning objectives), Use of Resources

Ms Alice explained in about the model above for us to reflect upon. She recommended for KPs to read on the book "How People Learn" which can be easily found online.
Our brainstorming session.

Further sharing on some observations of the interpretation that trigger thinking about some of the areas for consideration in lesson walkthrough.

Consolidated group discussions

What have we learnt? (Reflection)

Re-look at the indicators such as communication and questioning techniques. Do we have a common understanding on what to be observed? Is the objective of the lesson walkthrough clear?

This report is more as a tool to develop teachers rather than assessment for teachers. (No need for a clear distinction between beginning and experience teachers). What is considered as an experience teachers? Number of teacher years? It was shared that most beginning teachers see the report as an assessment tool and use for ranking rather than as a developmental tool.

Review relevancy of competencies on lesson walkthrough report. Draw reference from NIE APT Form. Book checks checklist. Review looks more like quantitaive. Weekly lesson plan. Consider reflections instead? Focus on students' learning for the above as "Students, Our Focus". This is to find out if out students have learnt well. Clear communication to the teachers on the expectations. Common language across all department of the use of the forms.

Book Checks and Lesson walkthrough checklist can be seen as summative rather than formative. How do we draw the line of different substantive grade of teachers in this developmental tool?

Recommended reading - How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School: Expanded Edition (2000)

Workshop 3 - 22 May 2017
Lesson Walkthrough (Sampler Video and Feedback)
Setting the Context
Mr Ridzal and Mdm Suhaizan share their video clip.

Reflection Time (What are your thoughts when conducting the lesson walkthrough after going through the workshops?

1. We need to conduct a post-conference with our teachers to validate other elements that are missing during the short-span on lesson walkthrough.

2. This is a developmental and conversational tool.

3. If this is a developmental tool, teachers could be given the opportunity to surface areas of observations that they feel they wanted to be observed on.


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