Maya's Photography Porfolio Maya fujita a student from asia sumas

"Walking on Stone" My light : Reminds me of all the adventures I have well I am camping.
"Hiding Treasures" The landscape (left) reminds me when I find little hidden places in the park or well I'm camping.. My darkness (right) reminds me of walking on a trail on a sunny day with all the shadows on the ground of the trail. "Shadows lurking"
"Watching eyes" 3. Portrait : reminds me of little eyes of camp fire floating above the fire when I am camping.
"Walking through Puddles" 7. H2O reminds me of jumping in the puddles on rainy days.

"Feeder of Birds" 10. My Choice Is a humming bird because it reminds me of the time when I was looking out my window and saw 2 humming birds flying around .

"Tunnel of Darkness" 4. My Abstract reminds me of going through a tunnel

"Dream World" 8. Dream reminds me of the time when I was young and all my creativity was used in playing and fun.
9. Double Exposure "Catching Butterflies" makes me think of when I am camping and I waste my time catching butterflies all day long.

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