Magna Carta Simran, Nimrit, Didar, Billy and Namjatin

This is the document that a few barons had made and now it has turned into a symbol of liberty.(also known as Magna Carta)

Magna Carter means the great Charter. The great charter is one of the most famous documents in the world. Magna Carta had become a powerful symbol of the liberty around the world. To keep the peace, Magna Carta was repeated several times in the 13 century until it was made partly into the English law. For 800 years the Magna Carta had remained. Magna Carta's most important rule was that everyone including the leaders had to obey the law. A document that was made by the barons has turned into a international symbol of liberty called Magna Carta.

This is a 13 year old driving and she seems pretty capable, secured and safe while driving.

The English law should let a 13 year old teenager be able to drive depending on there height. A 13 year old teenager should be able to drive because if an emergency or such a situation occurs at least they can help them out such as taking them to the hospital if they are injured. Another reason would be that they would have to bother their parents or siblings if they want to go somewhere and they would have to get embarrassed and ask other people for rides. In our opinion if the teenager is 5 feat and 5 inches tall they should be able to drive.

She seems like she knows what and who shes voting for, which is all that matters when it comes to voting.

The English law should allow a 13 year old teenager to vote. A 13 year old should be aloud to vote either boy or girl at any age because everyone in this world has rights and their own opinions of who there leader should be. We think the age 13 is a good age when a teenager can take their own decisions and decide who to vote for.

A teenager will know how money is actually made an not grown on trees.

The English law should allow a 14 year old to have there own credit card. A 14 year old should have the right to have there own credit card because if they earn money they can transform it to there credit card and they will know how much earning they make. They will make them have a good understanding of how hard money is made and how easy it is to spend it which basically means ''money doesn't grow on trees''. Overall a 14 year old teenager should be able to have a credit card because this way they can become mature adults faster and know what they are spending.

Every child in the world has the right and deserves to have education.

Every child should have the right to education.(no matter where they live) Every child has the right to learn new things everyday and become what they want to be depending in there own decision. Everyone should be able to go to school no matter if poor or rich. Every child should have the right to education because every child deserves it and can make the world a better place if they are educated.

It can be very tough overcoming a family's death just because of not enough money which lead them to no medicine and treatment

Everyone should have free heath care. Everyone should have a free health care because everyone deserves treatment. If someone is really sick and if they don't have the money that is needed to pay for the health care then the sick person can die without medicine or treatment. Everyone should be treated whether male or female or poor or rich. Everyone in this world has a right to live and if they don't have enough money to pay for treatment that shouldn't be the cause of your death. Money is always a big problem and shouldn't interfere in someone dying.

This quote means that they will treat free men fairly . Also, every men should be treated equally not depended on whether they are a king or a regular citizen. The quote does not say but does mean that serfs would not get any rights in the clause.

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